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Oh GOD I’m fed up of looking at the same bio again and again…. Right. Time to change things about a bit.

I no longer have any of the novels that I started up on site. The main reason for this is because I’ve lost them. Yup – completely and totally. It sucks. That’s all I have to say.

On to lighter notes – as I’ve lost all my life’s work that was longer than one thousand words I’ve been irrevocably forced to live in a humble dwelling of twigs and leaves until I write a new novel.

Well not really, but I am hoping to get something in the way of writing done before I go to university this year.

I’ll be focusing on short stories because it’s the more logical place to start – I feel I have some way to go before I can get to the point of finishing a novel, but plans are underway to restart “Tales of the Golden City” or at least plan it a little more thoroughly – though I may not be putting this up on site as I’ve noticed a lot of writers stealing my work. They will not be named because I hate to be petty. Rest assured they have been reported and they are very bad people indeed.

I shall spit on their homepages.

That’s my piece for now – some information methinks:

NickName: Gilraen
Real Name: Ria
Purpose on-site: Author of the Column “Secret of Success” and general trouble-maker.
Age: 19
D.O.B: 24/05/85
Hair: Brunette
Weight: Don’t wanna know anymore
Height: Tall-ish
Occupation: Student at Dartington College of Arts (As of Sep 04)
Humour: Doubtful
Reviews? Yes I do – but if you want me to review a thirteen chapter novel forget it – I have a life. But I’ll be happy to review the first chapter (within reason)
Likes Reviews? Heck yes! I’m always out to improve my writing and I hate to think that I could write a column and not take criticism myself. But if you want to be a good reviewer you really should see some of the columns and essays on site (just make sure not to take them all too seriously – some ARE meant to be funny – honest).
Final Words: Worship me.

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