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Update 2-5-03: If anyone is wondering why i haven't touched my fic in ages, feel free to email me. New fic soon. Should be up some weekend, if I don't get overburdened with homework.
Hi everyone!
I am thoroughly insane. I'm also obsessed with Tamora Pierce, Sweep, Harry Potter, and Buffy.
I have a tendancy to make my stories sound like they were written by a murderous psychopath. Please remember that they are for comic relief. I am perfectly sane. Most of the time. Just don't ask my friends.
I welcome all reviews, comments, suggestions, corrections, constructive critisism, relevant questions and of course, praise (hint hint).
I have my first story out, but it's going downhill. I'm planning two more Circle fics, and a Protector of the Small fic. They will come slowly.

Favorite stories in no particualar order:

So Tired of Being Alone by Miss Chips
This seemed to start off as a typical Circle fic, until an apparently fairly normal occurence turns into much more. Yet again, I was in awe of Miss Chips's writing. Please read it, even if you're skeptical. If you're not hooked by the latest chapter, i give up. Becoming an action/adventure type thing, as well as horror. s/b

Free Falling by Arsahi
A little odd, but I like it. It's actually fluff that the action/adventure adds to, definitely unusual. K/N

Underneath the Surface by Cami of Queenscove
A lot like Free Falling, though all fluff and it's Kel's POV. The latest chapter is all smutty. funfun. K/N. A great writer, everyone.

Stories from the Nuthouse by cytosine
I laughed for ages while reading this. Not to be taken all at once, like i did.

Fallen Idols by The Blind Assassin
The first of the great longer fics I read. It's fantastic. one of the best K/J's out there. If you haven't read it, go. She's famous for this one.

Conscience by The Dark Lady Adrienne
Yet another K/J. Starts out disturbing, then makes an abrupt turn to hilarious. I laughed so hard people wondered if I should take "soothing drinks" (stolen from raoul in squire)

Aether Winds by IceWind
Really, REALLY good. I love those fics about the elements. K/J

Crossing A Blurred Line by Miss Chips
Very original, very unusual. I'm still waiting for the author to finish it.

The Blue Goddess: A Love Story by Blu Wynd Faerie
The author has abandoned it for the time being, but she promises to finish it when she can. OOC, but very nice angst. Someone please make her finish this.

I Hate That I Don't Hate You by Miss Chips
Really sweet S/B. I'm waiting for the sequel.

I can't believe it! i forgot to add search for the six. i am such an idiot. maybe it's because read it almost all at once.

Search for the Six by Lady Katherine Heartspark
Me love, much. Has a plot. oooo. it's finished! (nooooo...mooooreee!) Now the author has post big fic writer's depression. *sigh* but she's getting back on her feet with lighter fics.