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Bio Update: 1/24/02

I posted my first Taiora fic! The story is called, Strawberry Wine! Song fic based on the song, Strawberry Wine!

I posted a new story! It's a short Kailei (Kaiser + Yolei) fic! Fluffiness! If it sounds interesting, then go read! n_n

Hey! Guess what? I'm reading an awesome manga called Chobits! I LOVE IT! Chobits will rule the world one person at a time! MUAHAHAHA!!! There are currently 3 books! I can't wait to get the 4th book! I love Chi! n_n



- Possible Allies (Disney's Kim Possible)
- Fire Drill (Digimon)
- Bring on the Rain (Digimon) *Jyoumi*
- Heaven's Little Reminders (Digimon) *Taiera*
- The Kaiser Cries (Digimon)
- Hilarious Tales of Horror (Digimon)
- My Fight, My Life (Digimon/Poem)
- A Mid Autumn Night's Dream: Run Yolei Run (Digimon) *Kailei*
- Strawberry Wine (Digimon) *Taiora*


- My Digital Story: The Crest of Virtue (Digimon) *Mostly Taiera/Hints of others*
- Truth or Dare? (Digimon)
- Whatever Floats Your Boat! (Digimon)
- Trained By A Professional (Pokemon)
- Not Such A Fairy Tale Knight (Digimon) *Sorato and Taiera*
- Spirit of the Heart (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
- Who Do You Think Your Are? (Digimon)
- Possible Allies 2: Taming the Tiger (Disney's Kim Possible)

Ok, a friend of mine told me that she found out that the DD's have BIRTHDAYS! ^_^ YEAH! I know everyone's b-days and YOU DON'T! :P If you REALLY want to know too, you can e-mail me and ask!

I REALLY wanted to make a birthday page for each Digidestine Birthday but I've been way too busy with school, fanfiction, and working on my site! BUT I will still announce each DD's Birthday as they come! And today, January 21st, is the birthday of Miyako (Yolei) Inoue!


The next birthday is in February! See yea later! n_n

Hello fellow FanFiction fans! I'm Tiger Lily! A 16 year old girl in the US! I like Digimon, Pokemon, Cardcaptors, Yu-Gi-Oh, Batman Beyond, X-Men: Evolution, Nickolodeon, and Disney! I love cats (Tigers are my fav!), I like to draw, and read comics (Isn't Garfield hilarious!)

I mostly read and write Digimon fics. I love romance and humor. I also love Sorato! I also like to occasionally read a lime. I hope to write a few of my own in the future. I don't care to read Yaoi/Shonen-ai or Yuri/Shojo-ai fics.

My favorite male Digidestine is Taichi (Tai) and my favorite female Digidestine is Hikari (Kari). I don't know why, I just do ^_^

Fav Digimon Couples:
Taiera (Taichi+Tera)
Jenshiro (Jenashu+Koushiro)
Sorato (Sora+Yamato)
Taiora (Taichi+Sora) *Ok, I'm starting to like Taiora now. I've read some really good Taiora fics!*
Takari (Takeru+Hikari)
Kenlei (Ken+Yolei)
Kenkari (Ken+Hikari)
Daikari (Daisuke+Hikari) *As long as there isn't TK bashing!
Jyoumi (Jyou+Mimi)

Least Favorite Digimon Couples:
Michi (Mimi+Taichi) *LOL Yeah right!
Mishiro (Mimi+Koushiro) *Um, no.
Taito (Taichi+Yamato) *That is just wrong!
Daiken (Daisuke+Ken) *No way! Davis will love Kari forever!
Daikeru (Daisuke+Takeru) *LOL Yeah right!

Please don't flame me if you disagree with the couples I like and dislike. It's just my opinion!

Thanks for taking the time to read my fics! Hope you all like them! If you don't, please be nice! Be sure to read and review! I like to hear what you think! Construtive criticism is appreciated!

To my fans, thanks for your support! I LUV U ALL!!!

Tiger Lily =^..^=