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ummm..ok,you must have absolutly NOTHING to do if you came here,but nevertheless,i'll tell you a little about myself:

Name:I don't use my real name online for reasons of being paranoid, but the name that I use on the internet is Michi

Place of birth:Canada(yeah I'm canadian and damn proud ^_^ CANADIAN GIRLS KICK ASS!)


Personality:hmmm...I guess you could sum me up as having a split personalitly,a good side and a bad side(and you don't wanna get on my bad side,believe me!)When I'm with my friends,I'm my usual happy friendly self who is usually the one cracking jokes and making everyone laugh.but 2 ppl who really piss me off "coughbrothercough*beware,I always take my anger out on them,most of the time with dire consiquences.I'm known to be quiet when something's bothering me and not the kind of person who wears my emotions on my sleeve(unless I'm angry but I'm sure you figured that out already ^_^)

Hobbies:lesee...playing video games,watching tv,drawing,soccer,writing fanfiction's(duh!)playing on the computer,badminton,hockey,volleyball,hanging out with friends and horseback riding

Favorite shows:The Simpsons,King of the Hill,Whose line is it anyway?,Ripley's believe it or not,WWE,Saturday Night Live,Real TV,a lot of those police/video survellance type shows,Mad TV,South Park(TIMMY!lol),Jackass,and...well,a lot more ^^;;

Fav video games:Grand Theft Auto Vice city,Any Final Fantasy game,though I am particuarly fond of FFX,Resident Evil(any Resident Evil,I luv them all!)The Sims,Conker's Bad fur day,Max Payne,Grand Theft Auto 3,DOA 3,Virtual Fighter 4,Kingdom Hearts,Silent Hill and MANY more...

Fav movies: Kung Pow:Enter the fist,Rush hour 2,The Matrix,Happy Gilmore,Austin Powers(well,i liked the first two...Goldmember just scared me O_O)The Emperor's New Groove,Shrek,Ice Age,8 mile,Lilo and Stich,Harry Potter(I liked the second one better) and more

Favorite bands/singers:Sum 41,Avril Lavigne(I like her songs,but she is such a poser!)Pink,Green Day,Hikaru Utada and oh ya did I mention...EMINEM?! my most favorite of all singing-type ppl!! (I hate how my friends always ask me if I have a crush on ,I luv him for his music and I-don't-give-a-damn about what other ppl think attitude ^_~)

Apperance: A litle past shoulder length auburn hair with wisps of blonde,blue eyes,I'm average weight(although I have no idea how when you take into account all the sweets I eat ^^;;)If there's one thing in the world I hate it's girly things like dresses and make-up.If I could,I would wear my baggy jeans every day for the rest of my life.I also start strange trends.

Favorite kinds of stories:HUMOR HUMOR HUMOR HUMOR!!!(get the picture?)

Names of my friends that are also authors on :Kuarri,Triple and exodiasrightfoot(go check out their stories)

Well,that should be enough to give you an idea of who I am.Thanks for stopping by and reading my bio,and remember,if you don't have anything good to say,say it often.Alright,I'm outta here