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Greetings, I'm a seventeen year old girl that lives on the West Coast, in Portland Oregon. I like to write poetry.

Here's some amusing little quotes:

"Dreams are answers to questions you haven't yet figured out how to ask." ~Mulder
"I came to see with eyes unclouded by hate!"

"You can give a man a fire, and he will be warm for the day. Or, you can set a man on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life."
-Loki, from veggieboards

A very small poem I wrote, of the humor romance category and yeah it's a little stupid, but's supposed to be a parody thing :

Origins October 04
I dreamt upon a cloud long ago
I thought I shared a kiss with you
Standing on brown and orange crackly leaves of fall
While the greened branches still shudder in the wind
I couldn’t recall if it was whimsy or flesh
Logically I said “@#$ it”
And asked you for another


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