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10-26-02: Since ff.net has removed all NC-17 stories, I just want to let everyone know that this profile NO LONGER CONTAINS A COMPLETE LIST OF MY STORIES. My PG13/R stories and all my NC-17 B/S fics, including the completion of 'Superstar Revamped' and beyond, are now up at 'Libinous Desires'. This site hosts *all* my fics, as well as having a mailing list for when I update. The URL is:

Also, I have my very own, bare-bones Buffy site, which also has all my fics:

I *will* continue to post PG-13/R rated stories on ff.net, but it is no longer my primary Buffy site. This means I don't post all my PG13/R stories here, and the ones I do post have often already been out for a while. I'm mostly only this site for things that can't really go elsewhere now.

If you like my fics, I *strongly* advise that you go elsewhere to read them from now on...

That said:

Welcome to my bio, v 3.0!

I'm a 21 year old, female college student. I go to school in Chicago, but I've lived most of my life in Minneapolis. Next year (hopefully), I'll be graduating with a BA in Classics.

My little affair with fanfiction started way back in grade school, when I would create cute stories - 'plotting' I called it - about the cartoons I watched. OK, so they weren't so much 'cute' as soft core porn. Hey, I needed to fantasize about *something, right?

So anyway, these evolved into long, contorted sagas, most of which never got written down. The only one that has is my 'Immortal Warriors' universe. (Don't ask me why I write so much RW. I *hated* the show. I like a lot of the fanfic for it, though...)

I suppose I should credit all my writing influences here...and there are *so* many... Yes, I still love cartoons, especially the serious ones with actual *plots*. You'd be amazed at how literary this stuff is. The Latin in Gargoyles was actually better than that of BtVS...although you'd think Buffy could afford *someone* who knew Latin. Comic books are also a big forte of mine. In particular, I adore X-Men...or at least I did until that Age of Apocalypse garbage when I stopped reading. From what I've heard, I haven't missed much. I'm a *huge* sci-fi junkie and have been a die-hard Trekkie for years now. (Yes, I'm one of those insane people who watched Voyager through to the end, even though it was terrible.) Fantasy's always good, too. The Lord of the Rings movie was most fantastic. I'm sure there are other examples, too. Buffy (as lame as it sounds) is my current obsession. Dude, the show is *funny*! After years of mocking it, all it took was two episodes and I was hooked. (It didn't hurt that Spike is - literally - drop dead gorgeous, either. My dreams found their new star... *sigh*)

So all of that provides a contorted background from which I pull my huge, verbose sagas. And, as I've said before, I'm a Classics major (as is evidenced by the long rant on Latin grammar earlier), so I've got a tendency to take things down mythological paths (e.g. 'Immortal Warriors'). Long stories are by far my favorites, but I'm trying to do more short stuff, largely because I'm in the middle of too many sagas already as it is.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my work. I love all feedback/reviews. And if you're looking for other great stories, check out my Favorite Stories and Favorite Authors lists. There's a lot of great stuff in there. If that *still* isn't enough, check out my new webpage listed above. It contains links to sites in *all* the genres of fanfic I write for.

And if you didn't believe that I can write a *lot, this bio proves it. ~_^