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Joined 05-25-02, id: 219122
SJ:Hiya!!!! It's me!!! Shikonjewel!!!
Lunar:and I'm Lunar Yami of Shikon
Omake:And I'm Omake also a yami to Shikon and big brother of Lunar
Sj: ^_^; it's so hard takeing care of those 2
Lunar & Omake: HEY!!!
Sj: OO ok...well here's some info about me!

Name: Shikonjewel
age: n/a
brith date: November 18, * (uh uh I'm not givening the year!!!!)
eyes: brown
hair: balck
skin: dark peach
origin: Chinese
IM?: yes, Yahoo messenger (digidestinedk)
loves: My computer!!!!,and anime
hates: most people, parents, brother, some friends(at school), etc.

fav. couples:
Me/George (hottie)
Me/Malik ^_^

Story updates:
I love you, I love you not *almost complete*
The servent, the tomb robber, and the soldier *New*
When I first set my eyes on you *New*

About me:
I'm like on the computer 24/7 because well nothing to do really. I like getting high off suger and I'm a tomboy so I hate makeing those clothes in the story I only know Tank top,spagetti strap, and bellbottoms. I know skirt,shorts,t-shirt,pants, and all that kind of stuff but I mean the names of them god! There so hard! I don't even know make-up but that's because I'm a tomboy and I'm allergic to make-up (figure of speech). I like hanging with boys and I went out with a boy for 2 or 3 and 1/2 years I think. well...He just dumped me over the summer and I was sad but I didn't cry soooooooo...^_^ I don't care because he could just go to hell of course I'm still mad at him but because he's being a real fucking bitch! but let's not talk about that! I like playing soccer and I'm a good leader! I like gothic things but mom wouldn't let me buy anything gothic. *crys* Everybody's going gothic at my school and I'm just being the time I get to being a gothic person it will be when I go to college!!! Well that's all for now bye!!!