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Hey, everyone!

I'm so glad to be up on fanfiction.net again; it's been so long since I've had daily access to a computer! Anyway, there are two, possibly three, stories that I'm working on right now...

Twisted Fate: Diagon Alley is attacked, leaving Hermione the only survivor. Alone and with no where else to go, she turns to Sirius for comfort. But when she learns about a giant twist of fate, things might never be the same again. 4 Chapters up!

Precious Metal: Hermione wants to become an Animagus, and the only person with time to help is Remus. When Hermione and Remus realize their feelings for each other aren't one-sided, they'll do anything to stay together. 4 Chapters up here, too!

Perhaps...: Giny looks back on a time that *should* have been terrifying for her, but nothing is quite what it seems. Only 1 up here, review if you want more.

I hope that ya'll like them! I'm done with my short fic (Everything You Want) but I hope that you'll read it anyway!
Have a great day!


P.S. A new yahoo group has been started for a really awesome ship! Sirius/Hermione, all the way, baby! Go join at /group/shermy
We're waiting for you!

P.S.2- Does anyone actually *read* these things? :P

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