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Shadow of the Accursed

-SotA obviously isn't up yet; it's just gotten past the planning stages (and oh the planning I've done...) and only the prologue is written. I intend to begin posting when I have at least the first three chapters written so that I can keep updates fairly regular (I hope to update once a week). For those who like it, there will be touches of MxM/Slash, but strong MxF as well.

Synopsis: A gods-sent link forces two unlikely souls together that sparks an underground, ten-person rebellion against a vast empire set on enslaving and eradicating all non-humans. But who really set the rebellion in motion? And what is the actual intent of it--freedom for non-humans or revenge for a few twisted souls? Even the gods themselves have other plans for these bloodthirsty assassins. And if they actually reach the Emperor, will the rebels have accomplished what they intended?



-I don't think there are many people out there who still remember this story (or me! heh), but if anyone decides to check up on it: I won't be writing any more of it because it's being subsumed into SotA. In fact, only the main twin characters (F'nar and T'phe) will be preserved, under different names. I will include a formal update to Forwinde announcing this when I post SotA. I mostly keep it up for old time's sake, and for anyone who may have been fond of it.

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