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Hey, here's my fav. couples
1. Pan and Trunks
2. Marron and Goten
3. Bra and Ubuu
4. Videl and Gohan
5. ChiChi and Goku
6. Bulma and Vegeta
7. Juuhachi-gou(18) and Krillen
I also read
1. Pan and Juunana-gou(17)
2. Pan and Vegeta
3. Pan and Mirai Trunks
4. Pan and Ubuu
5. Bra and Goten

OK enough about that. I did have 2 stories out but I took one down and fanfiction wouldn't let me keep the other one up and it wasn't even NC17. I'm also not that good of a writer so bear with me. When I do get a story i don't care if you flame me, it'll help me write better(hopefully).
I'm working on a site. It will me a DBZ/music site, I just need my sisters help putting it up. Speaking of sites, my sister has a site, it has nothing to do with DBZ and it's a little plain but it's cool, it's a alternitave rock/rock site. Here's a link to it http:///punkadri/ hope you like it if you visit it. On her site if you go to it then go to 'Info' and scroll down a bit then you can see a pic of me, i have long blonde hair, Hazel eyes, and glasses, and i'm ugly :sobs:.
My fav. bands/singers are Korn, Hole, Linkin Park, Kittie, Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Disturbed, MxPx, Nine Inch Nails, Offspring, Papa Roach, Puuddle of Mudd, Sum 41, No Doubt, and System of a Down. Lot of singers O.o;;;.
Here are some of the sights I go to.
http:/// not this is where you can build little ppl not barbies