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"We must attack the enemy’s line of communication. What we want is not more little books about Christianity, but more little books by Christians on other subjects—with their Christianity latent."

C.S. Lewis

"you love it, embrace it. you want it then chase it...what are you waiting for?"

paradise fears

Update 5/19/17

i took down WHITE LINES (but left the first chapter for nostalgia...). I didn't give a very fair warning...go ahead and hate me...

i've decided to actively query literary agents to represent me and hopefully get this whole writing thing going and I will be querying with David and Julianne's story. yeah, i know i can just do it the e-book way but my skills at marketing myself are seriously nonexistent, and i am a traditionalist and purist at heart -- i want to be able to hold books in my hands and flip the pages and go back and write notes on the margins (the irony being, i post my writing online now -- yes, i know, ha ha -- who says people can't change though?).

anyway, i believe WL has the most potential to be picked up by somebody even if I want Gospel According to Grace to be what eventually defines my writing "career".

i'd also like to say i have grand plans for the future but that's really my only goal at the moment. seriously. my planner literally says "goal: get an agent!"

i decided also to scrap the wattpad idea after a lengthy internal struggle with myself over "do you want to be known or do you want your writing to be respected" (i'm not implying at all that wattpad authors should not be respected, but the platform does feel like you're constantly pandering to the masses, selling your soul, one word at a time, to anyone willing to grab at it) and it didn't feel like me. but i may put Gospel there because that's one story that should be read by everyone regardless of profit/whatever.

i did start a blog though -- nowhere as great as Julianne's, of course -- but one that i wouldn't mind people reading so, for whatever that's worth, there it is.

find me at http : / / teddyxwrites. wordpress . com

for those who saw the previous update (which is this but edited), yeah i changed my blog name. i'm so indecisive sometimes...

Update 3/7/17

recently got a wattpad account. to build readership or something. it'd be nice to get paid for writing but it's also a fantastic way to mess with your head. as i grow older though, the reality of death becomes more and more real and i realize that your life is short here but what you leave behind with your words will always outlast you.

i want my words to outlast me. not that i have anything worthy to say. but i just want to leave something that's worth something else to someone. i guess i'm done being content with that 'someone' just being me.

not really validation, but validation-ish.

you know?

h t t p s : / / w w w . wattpad . com / user / astraea_

i've also been thinking about posting a follow-up to The Exception (it's already half-written in my head). but now that i've said it, i think i might've just jinxed it...

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