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To all our readers, friends, and followers, warm greetings and salutations!

Oh, what a long, strange hiatus it has been. We've been through a veritable roller-coaster, and we're happy to announce that we're still going strong after a series of inspiring events at the Singapore Writers' Festival 2018! We didn't get the Epigram Books publishing deal in the end, but we've decided to spread our nets to international publishers! Wish us luck!

The old version of Episode I has been taken down, so that our revised edition may be better represented. As with some authors' early works, it shall remain for us a valuable lesson. *salutes*

To our dedicated readers (though we may not know many of you): thank you for all the reviews, and keep them coming! We deeply regret that our tight schedules do not allow us much time to r&r your own stories, but we'll get around to exploring them in greater depth!

Guardians of the Elements - The Great Conflict (Updated 10/11/2016)

Act 2 of Episode 1 is well under way! Follow us on Facebook too!


Once again, we would like to thank you all for your patience and support for the past 10 years, and we hope that you will continue to support us!

Guardians of the Elements II - The Heroes' Council (Updated 27/06/12)

Episode II will be on hiatus until further notice, while we sort out Episode I. The latest chapter is chapter 40.

Guardians of the Elements III - The Dark Prophecy (Updated 24/10/11)

After much discussion, Episode III has been taken down for further revisions; it shall return in a blaze of glory once Episode II is finished!

Guardians of the Elements IV - The Reckoning has a prologue drafted; first upload to be confirmed.

Guardians of the Elements V - The Evil Within has been drafted.

Join us in our "Guardians of the Elements Series" Facebook group page for updates regarding our future books :-


The authors:

Gregory Cai

DOB : 1 August 1985

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Johannes Christian See (JC)

DOB : 15 July 1985

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Occupation: Director, New Funnels Pte Ltd; Manager, Com3 Pte Ltd

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