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Chris Dee is an award-winning playwright, entertainment consultant, and metafiction author who brings real life experience to her storyverse, fusing it with unimagined truth and depth. She is a woman who has squatted down next to a 500-lb Bengal tiger and petted its fur. She has held an ocelot in her arms and allowed it to ‘groom’ her forearm. She has spent the night in a cabin with two rambunctious caracals. She studied art in Florence, Italy, worked in a museum and walked through its galleries after closing. She knows the difference between Picasso and Pissarro, Manet and Monet. She has been inside Cartier. She has been inside a corporate board room. She has been on a yacht and in a private plane. The life experience Chris Dee brings to these tales brings a depth to the characters unseen in any previous incarnations.

“sexy and smart”
—Penthouse (Feb '09)

Remarkable. Highly recommend.

—Comic Book and Movie Reviews

“Ten times the love and respect for the characters than the authors of the official comics… More emotion and charm than most novels on the bestseller list.”
— Der Beste Batman überhaupt,

“A Catwoman who could be sexy and playful, joyful and bitchy, witty and kinky and smart, simply because that is who she is”
— Comic Book Resources