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Hello, and hi to all of you!!! And thank you, for reading and reviewing my fics! Anyway, here some info about me...

Name: Maiki Aya (My first name is 'Aya' not 'Maiki'. Its my last name you know!!!)
Nickname: Shizuka (meaning "silent"); Don't know why though^^
Birthday: April 04
Bloodtype: AB
Gender: I.m.a.f.e.m.a.l.e.!
Nationality: Japan (So excuse me if my fic have a bunch of bad grammars!!! ^^)
Hobbies: Reading, drawing, Writing, watching, going in the net
Favorite Anime: HxH, GA, CCS, ANC, and FY

Well, that's all I could give for you... I hope you enjoy reading my fic so far, though its bad... but before I go, there's something I want to say...

Purpose in writing a fanfiction: My purpose... you see, to improve my writing skill^^. (Yuki- chan told me to try writing in , so that I could improve my skill. She also told me that I'm improving... Is that true?) And hopefully, I've completed my journal, an improve one to Hizakawa- sensei. (The pass of my journal fasten up, because of the sudden planning of having a vacation here in the Phil... Don't understand why...).

That's all, and thanks for having interested on reading this one!!! Ja!

Fic Map:
(SBM) Secret Behind Memories: Major Characters: Karuto, Gon, Killua, and Karui
(LP) Love Poetry: Major Characters: Kurapica and Neon
(AK) Aoi Kioku: Major character: Neon
(LON) Love of Neon: Major characters: Kurapica and Neon
(DD) Dear Diary: Major character: Neon
(LB)Love Ballades: Major characters: Nuriko and Hotohori
(ENT) Eien ni tomodachi: Major characters: Nuriko and Miaka

- Leaving the world of for a while, but I'm going back in January!!! I'll hope you still enjoy my other fics!!!
Updated fic: Secret Behind Memories
- Already written 2 chapters for SBM. Left LP for a while.

Love you all kind reviewers out there!!!

~ Maiki Aya