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Hey! My name is Rina, I'm 15 years old and I'm from Argentina. So, I speak Spanish too!! But prefer English when it comes to writing fics. At least most of the time...^_^
I love Anime, Manga, RPGs, Music, Writing, Reading, Making friends...and many other things. My fav anime is Shaman King (go Anna!), but I also like Slayers, Houshin Engi, SMJ and JtoX, Ranma 1/2, MKR, Beyblade (Luki got me into this...) and some others... . As for RPGs, my favs are FF9, Lunar Eternal Blue and Golden Sun.
As MANY ppl here, my dream is to be a writer. But I'm not that good yet. I love writing, and reading stories, cause, at least for a while, you can be someone you aren't, and do all sort of wondeful things...thats why I like Anime too.
Some great authors...well, Luki Dimension is probably the best author I know. She is WAY better than me. What, haven't read anything from her yet?! What are you waiting for?! Misai, Aerisakura & Smashfriends, CTR and Sachiko are other great authors.
If you have a fic you want me to review, or just want to mail me, do it!!! I love to chat!!!
Now that I'm here, I wanna say hi to Julian, Kou, CTR, Cjiadon, Freak, MM2X, Logan, Aerisakura, Misai, Bounty, Ika, Tako, Luki, Sachiko, Echiko, Ruki, PC, Katogna, Anubis, Paradox and all the others I forgot to mention...but still love. ^_^
Well, Ja ne, mata!!!
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