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Harry-Potter fanatic who loves to read and write and read some more. I think I'm only going to write Harry Potter fics...

Current Stories
Fugitive Prince : Alternate Reality Harry Potter fic, going to be about 30 chapters long. Updated: 1/11/03 -- This chapter took way too long to finish, and I am totally sorry. Please forgive me!

Obsession: HP fifth year story about love between a boy and a girl (Harry and Ginny) that gets a little out of hand. The plot's going to be a surprise, so watch out!

Planned Stories
... Sooner or later, something else will pop up but I'm going to try to finish Fugitive Prince before writing anything else. Obession is something to write when Writer's Block comes up, like a side hobby.

*Joke of the Month*
Top Ten Signs Your Kid Is A Wizard
10. When he enters a room there is a burst of purple smoke
9. You say, "Do you think that lawn is gonna mow itself?" But then it does
8. Your child gets busted shoplifting a newt
7. Can turn lead into gold, but he can't remember to take out the trash -- am I right, parents?
6. He wears shiny red satin robes -- and you're just praying he's a wizard
5. Favorite discount electronics chain: The Wiz
4. Refers to Halloween as "amateur night"
3. He's only 12, but somehow he's dating Gwyneth Paltrow
2. His homework ate the dog
1. You catch him in the bathroom polishing his wand

There really isn't any excuse for the lateness of chapter 16, save a long, snowless winter that really got me depressed. What is Christmas without snow? Nothing! Nothing!
Thanks to everyone who reviewed, telling me to get going and asking to update. I'm sorry, please forgive me. Next chapter will be coming much sooner than this one, swear.