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*Works In Progress*
--Sorceress Nights--
A new sorceress, an old breakup, and an unrequited love threaen to break a certain stoic brunet. Will his Knight save him, or will he splinter and be Knighted himself?

Hey, guys. R n' R is definitly welcome.
I'm working on some stories, but my "in progress" list will only have the ones I'm uploading. I've got a bunch of stories that need editing, but that's not a big deal. I update sporadically, so I'm sorry in advance.

Check out the writers I admire, if you want some truly -good- writing; magistrate, Miss Dincht, LaughingWolfGirl, Seshat, Demon's Gate, AeroKnight, DarkSquall, Lady Tempest, Matt1plus1, nakiko, Race Ulfson, yaoifantasy, redrum, WanderingTonberry, and there's some more. I'll put 'em up later. But I love these guys, they're my inspiration, and Tempest's works are so good it makes me cry and want to hide my head in shame. *whipcrack* Get your bottoms over to her page.

FBNY. (Fly By Night, Yo)

[I'll never let another chick bring me down,
In a relationship] [Some days I sit, starin out the window
Watchin this world pass me by
Sometimes I think theres nothin to live for
I almost break down and cry
Somtimes I think I'm crazy
I'm crazy, oh so crazy
Why am I here, am I just wasting my time?
But then I see my baby
Suddenly I'm not crazy
It all makes sense when i look into her eyes] < Miss you (you know who you are)