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Hello, fellow writers! My name Seana SerpentOwl. Well, that's my Wiccan name. My real name is Seana
something-I'm-not-telling-you-cause-I-don't-need-any-more-stalkers-then-I've-already-got. I'm 13, and I live in
New Jersey. My mom is Wiccan and my dad has no religion. I love them both, most of the time. I have a little sister,
Mavis. She just turned 5! Happy Birthday, Mavis! and she is the custest thing on earth! She's also my shadow. I have
a cat, that I named Katty. (How origanal, I know) To my family, I am Wild Child. To my friends, I'm Seea, and to
Mavis I'm SeeSee. Feel free to call me any. To other Wiccans, I am SerpentOwl. Some of my friends are Tasha
(whos 14), Robert (The computer nut.), Sarah (Worlds biggest Harry Potter fan), Kiera (Best Irish dancer EVER), Katie
(Loves music, hates Lord of the Rings), Josh (The strong, silent type (he plays gitaur)), John (comic relief. He can
make anyone laugh), and Ryley (She's the one who plots out all our insane trouble-making schemes). But only
Tasha and Ryley are Wiccan. If any of you are reading this HI, and White Starbursts! (Don't ask) A lot of times, my
friends are over at my house, and we read fanfics if there is nothing else to do. So if you get so review that says
Seana: blahblahblah and then one of my friends names, thats what thats all about.

Some stuff I like: I am obsessed with Lord of the Rings. Don't ask me why, I just am. Thats what most of my stories
will be about. I've got about a thousand (not literally). I also like Harry Potter, and I am in the middle of reading the
third one to Mavis. I also think the Circle of Three books are really good. You know, the ones by Isobel Bird? Never
mind. My favorite moives are Cats! and The Mummy Returns. I haven't seen The Scorpion King yet. Is it good? Write
me if you've got something to say about it. I like playing vidio games, and my favorites are Super Mario Brothers
and Legand of Zelda. Hee hee!

I don't have much else to say. Like I said before, I will write mainly Lord of the Rings, but I do write poetry, and
other things.I am obbsessed with song-fics! Most of the stuff I right will have a.) a song in it or b.) been inspired by
a song. I'm pittiful I know. I'm moody, so if you notice that in chapter so-and-so I'm sound happy and in the next
one it's really dark, that's natural. Just thought you should know. S'all I gotta say. Blessed Be! Merry Part!