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If I cannot understand your writing, I'm not a stupid reader. You're a crappy writer. As the communicator, your audience is always right. If your audience did not understand you, then you've not done your job. It doesn't matter how ingenious your writing is.

To authors who constantly warn readers not to plagiarize your writing: Don’t flatter yourselves. What makes you think that your writing is worth copying from? Not that I support plagiarism, but it’s not like you can take any legal actions against the offenders. Kick them of fictionpress while they just sign up for new pennames? In the U.S., every original "literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works" is copyrighted once it’s in tangible form, but you can’t sue for damage unless you’ve registered with some federal department for an official copyright. If someone plagiarized my writing, I’d be like flattered. Then I’ll be pissed. But I’ll suck it up.

Common complaint: “If you don’t like my story, then don’t read it.”
My response: If you don’t like receiving critiques, then don’t post your work up.

My interpretations of fictionpress’s rating system: (I’m generalizing and don’t mind if you proved me wrong.)

M: Stories with a plot and promise of intelligent content written by NON-grammatically and NON-vocabularically challenged authors. A category where most decent stories are found. Unfortunately crap written by tweeners/teeners who use excessive profanity, suicidal themes, or explicit content also fall under this genre.
T: Crap written by teenagers under the delusion that they’re humorous, clever, or original. If you’re into clichés, especially the Cinderella meets My Fair Lady ones in fantasy land, this is the category to be in.
K: Incoherent jargon written by tweeners. Not much else could be said…since not much could be read. I’m sorry. Keep writing. | f | i | c | t | i | o | n | p | r | e | s | s | is my anti-drug too.

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The One True Faith by Paul Arcmarine reviews
God decides to put humanity in a battle royal to determine the One True Faith. Warning: do NOT read this unless you are VERY open minded. You will be offended, you may be incredibly furious. You have been warned
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More crazy ramblings so many in edition one that I knew i had to add more- don't be offended now! U know you wanna LOOK!R&R
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Quotez:by the people that need to be locked away by InfamousRae reviews
quotes N' such - well my family friends and I are crazy as all hell so pretty funny- enjoy!
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Disturbed by InfamousRae reviews
Kiley is totally off the wall and is currently seeking "help" Stuck in a world that hates her and the feeling is mutual until she meets someone new. Both Zie and Kiley are struggling through life and they've yet to realize, to move on they need eachother
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Operation Cross Dress by Lainiee reviews
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A story about an ordinary girl, an ordinary life and a not so ordinary 2,000 year old guardian.. MISSING CHAPTERS SUMMARY available
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My crazy thoughts of things about Nething and everything-R&R Not for the easily offended LOL- enjoys! U KNOW U wanna LOOK!
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Reasons to Love Anime Boys to Real Boys by Animatess reviews
An overkilled list fic with reasons to love Anime boys than Real Boys
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