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The World I Live In

The world in which we look upon
Reflects different in my eyes,
I fight to see reality
But my heart says that's unwise

Im never lonely in my kingdom
With wizards, kings and queens,
And when I think it's figured out
Its not always what it seems

The real world it is dismal
Colors vary white and black,
Come live with me in my world
I guarantee you won't go back

I live inside a fantasy
Expressing everything I see
I dream the dream that dreamers do
Cause it's my destiny.

I love living inside my imagination, so please if you have the time read my other works. The most frequently updated pieces are:

Secrets in the Shadows~ Harry Potter novel based fic. Nothing at all like others out there. Briefy summary : The prophecy states that she will die, and when she does the dark will conquer the light, unless Harry can figure out his parents secrets from all those years ago.

Silent Lips Still Can Say I Love You~ Also Harry Potter but more angsty. Shorter with inserts and other surprises. Briefy Summary: All Hermione wanted was the truth, instead he pushed her into the arms of another man. *COMPLETED*

If I Die Before I Wake~ An interactive fic where you readers and reviewers sent in charcters. This story has begun!! Contains: friends, foes and fiascos!!

I also write poetry and some of my work has been published. Poetry is the gateway of the soul.

Theres not much to say about me except the fact that Im from New York. YEAH NY!!! I attend Hofstra University and plan to major in something artsy. Hey so what if I dont know what I want to do yet, I am enjoying life. ~ A personal thanks to Lindsay, she is my number one supporter, and thanks to everyone who reviews, I read them all and I love them. Also thank you Mike who sometimes gets mad when I spend more time writing then with him, but he understands and I love him for that.

School has started again so if you are wondering where my updated chapters are dont worry. They may be late but they will be up!!

~*~ Look inside yourself. Do you see what you dream? Let your soul be free and let your talent soar. It is then you will discover the most amazing image...yourself. ~*~*

Quote from Season Pre of Buffy:

Willow: "When you brought me here I thought it was to kill me or lock me in some some mystical dungeon for all enternity...some torture...instead you go all Dumbledore on me"

Yeah best Buffy quote ever made!!!

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