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Hey I'm updating my profile again! My new website is coming up soon so I urge you to check it out! Also I'm starting a club!

My age: 19 (I'm getting old!)
I go to Hunter College and life is pretty good there. the work is hard but hey...
My hobbies: Writing, Drawing, Playing Videogames, Shopping.
Favorite videogames: Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Onimusha, Final Fantasy 8, too many to list!

Hey, I'm new here so give some gratitude eh? I'm from but I was planning on writing original stories anyway. This is a original story I was working on for at least a couple of years but I have to fix some things up and such so it'll be good for everyone to read. This will be one original story I will be working on but you can expect to see more. So happy reading and all and read my other fanfics from Well byes!

Original Stories I will be working on

The Chosen (so far)

Original Poems

A New York Tale (coming soon and that's it so far)

More to come soon!
Happy Reading!

And that's all folks!