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Hello again! Yes I am the same Eye of Aurora who wrote Lasting Days etc., but something happened to my other account. What, you might ask? I have no idea, FF.N would not let me log in...as in...it continually said I have an invalid e-mail address/password, which of course niether had been changed, so I just said screw it and made a new account, because I am still not done with Lasting Days etc etc! I have a few new ideas involving Joe and Izzy, and a few little Fushigi Yuugi fics. Hopefully nobody forgot about me!

For a few basic facts, I'm 16 and a junior in highschool(and an open bisexual). I'm obsessed with vocabulary (if you've read Rejuvenation...you've noticed...^_^)and I am quite the gigantic Yaoi fangirl, and have extremely perverted tastes in fanfiction. (Yes, when FF.N banned the NC-17 fics...I wanted to hang myself...lol, hell I signed that huge petition 3 times! (You know...the one that over 25,000 people signed? Yeah!) I'm very open-minded, so I pretty much support everything (yaoi, yuri, incest, rape, the works) I love any and all anime which I've liked for about 2 years now, and according to my little list, I've seen a bit over 100 different series, but my current all-time favorites are probably Rurouni Kenshin, Fushigi Yuugi and Excel Saga. I like video games, Dance Dance Revolution, and chess (which I play religiously on Yahoo!) and...I like Lord of the Rings...oh, boy do I like Lord of the Rings, I've never been more obsessed with naything in my almost-17 years of life...as of January 30th I have seen Two Towers in theatres 8 times...and I've read a few hundred fanfiction (from the site Library of Moria LOTR Archive) My favorite couples are Aragorn/Legolas (whom I love immensely, deeply, potently...)and Sam/Frodo...and a few others...(I liek it all!) I also have an immense crush on Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess...she is so beautiful...oh my gosh, I can't handle it! She's so fricken gorgeous...and I also lust over Kenshin and Arislan and Irvine from FF8 (I love the Final Fantasies ^_^) My two best friends are Splash and CrystaL Rose (yes, in real life), so check out their stuff!

Hehe...sorry...who cares? I'm just a chatterbox...forgive me.

What I wanted to put as my profile was a bit too long and would not fit on my little bio page here.^_^ If you have any desire to know anything about me, my homepage above is just a measily AOL homepage right off of my AOL profile purely loaded with voluminous and completely useless information/facts about myself so you can find out...practically anything about me if you so wish. ^_^

OH! If anyone wants to IM me or e-mail me, I never get much e-mail so I will most definately respond. I'd love if some random author/FF.N reader IMed me! ^_^ You guys are all so smart and interesting.

By the way, guys...CrystaL Rose and I are making a website...stay tuned for updates/info on it!

Alright, enough with my ramblings...I'm gonna go play Final Fantasy X...and whine about how much I am obsessed with Dance Dance Revolution...and how much I love Belldandy...aww...