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I'm a 22 year old girl, I live in Iceland and no, it does not snow the whole year or anything like that. It gets cold in the winter, but usually it's okay.

My nickname is Dru, but it has nothing to do with my real name. It's because of Drusilla from Buffy the vampire slayer. I love her. :P And Spike, Anya, Darla, The master was really funny and the mayor too, Xander and Willow, Andrew and Jonathan. Buffy was okay, and Angel I guess but Angelus was more fun. So, I kinda just love BtVs. Hehe. And Firefly recently, it's pure genius. sigh I hate Fox they keep canceling the good stuff. Does it make sense I don't like Fox news or the tv channel network thing, but I can't help but like Fox movies? lmao.

I sometimes get the urge to write something original and usually cram some vampire stuff into it. :p I can't help it.

I'd love to be a writer, but I'm going for the web-page design in school for the moment. Or perhaps graphic design (it's complicated. I want the former, but might have to settle for the latter). Just you know, for something stable in the future.

EDIT: Actually it seems one has to go for more school if you want to become a Graphic Designer, and now I'm only a Graphic Media person .lol. It's hard to explain, because I'm still not sure what my field entails. lol.

~Dru, Iceland, 07.12.2004 (turned 22 in 2007. 22.09.2007)

09.03.2006 :

I have to do this project for a class at school, and I thought of one of my little ficlets (What Am I Then? Yeah, NOT a great name.)on here. And then I read it yesterday and thought I could definatly improve it. I mean, I'd like to think I'm a better writer than I was 3 years ago. :) So, I might use it for the project (which has to be in Icelandic, eeek.) but also kinda re-write the ficlet itself and flesh it out more. I already did some before going to sleep last night but I'm gonna plan it more and all that. :) I think I might make it better. :) ~ Dru

23.10.2006 :

What I talked about above? I posted it. :D Yup. Check it out. It has a new name, but it's the same story pretty much (Wait...What?). I think it's better that before, it's almost 3000 words now. The orginal was just a lil' over 700. And a useless fact : What Am I Then = Wait. ;)

21.12.2006 :

Meh. Everything is on hold. My imagination and want to do anything creative has been at an all time low. I'm re-plotting and re-working my NaNo from this year. It'll take a while and all but eh. Goes back to her pondering and watching Buffy with one eye.

09.01.2007 :

I might be getting back into the mood of writing. Yay. I just found this side story to my NaNo which I really liked but put on hold while I did NaNo and then I found it today. Hehe. I posted what I have of it on LJ and made a banner for it because I had finished my project in class. Hehe. And I also wanna continue my re-writing of my NaNo, Silent Wish though I don't think that name really fits anymore since I've taken it in a totally diffrent direction and stuff. Hmm. But my head hurts and I wanna finish this project so I can go home.

15.02.2007 :

I changed the link in my web-page thing of this profile. :) Now it goes to my writing LJ, instead of my personal one. Heh. Though not much is up yet. Like two original stories and then just loads in the Memories section.

I might put my Taming the muse fics and 15_song_title's stories up here as well.

25.02.2007 :

Going to put up my 15 song titles thing up here, just gotta find a name for it. lol. I've also used what I made for 15 on Taming the muse. lol.

22.09.2007 :

Not sure anymore if I'll put up what I said above. it has a name now and all, but eh. But I'm thinking of putting my Silent Wish ficlets here. Maybe. We'll see. lol.

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[as in a small argument a petty quarrel.] The relationship between Fae's and vamps are very strained but yet they have a joint school in New York. That often leads to trouble. [Part of a series called Silver.]
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Nice To See You Again
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My life and how I would like my life was. A little bit of both.
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