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So, I'm a 24 year old dork. Pretty simple really. I'm engaged and finishing my last year of college (the worst year). This year, I could finally pass off for a 14 year old! No more kids meals for my short ass! I like to write, and I like to read. I can sometimes be a grammar nut. I will practically eat anything. I won't eat Spanish food unless my mom makes it. I won't eat West Indian food unless my dad makes it. I won't eat French food unless its made by French people. I won't eat Japanese food unless I'm in Japan. I only eat Italian food when my Italian friend's mom makes it. German food makes me happy and sleepy. I will never eat black pudding. I like werewolves. Vampires were not designed to sparkle. Romances are always best with a touch of crazy, a little domination, a pinch of stalker, and than marinated in tension. Turn the oven on 450 and you're all good. O, and most importantly, cheesecake is awesome!! Cheesecake is awesome in Japan...with their 100 flavours...and awesome in France... cause it's freaking France... and awesome in New York...because come on!! Bow to the cheese. I must say that my fiancee is currently shaking his head... but he's the one who decided to marry me... :P

I don't know why, but I like naming stories after songs.

Here are some of my stories, planned ones and written ones:


Provenance I: Verlangen: you know this one guys. Marilein and Ashland are meant to be together, but first she has to stop being scared and he has to stop being an asshole!

Big Apple I: Truth Is : Albany Kincaid is shunned by wolf and man alike. Spending most of her life designated as the "chubby" girl, she now leads a life mostly in solitude, working her nine to five job, emotionally eating, and occasionally having her friend Shannon pull her from her funk. On a routine trip to the park with Shannon, she runs into a man. Well actually, a wolf. A very hot wolf at that, who keeps giving her shifty eyes while flirting with Shannon. Her day only gets weirder when he suddenly kisses her and proclaims her as his mate.

Provenance II: Still Alive: Kennie and Georgia's story. Pretty intense and dramatic. Georgia has left North Dakota and has returned to Tyrone, GA, her hometown. However, Kennie isnt taking her departure very well and is determined to have her back--whether she agrees or not!

Future: (There are so many of these .

These are set in the Wolf world, along with Verlangen.

This Side of the Lakes: You remember cute little Theodore from Still Alive? Kennie's chubby, baby cousin? Well he is all grown up now. My first male perspective story.

Update!! i have a poll!! please take the time to vote!

Anyone who is wondering about my Big Apple story, it is on hiatus. I am trying not to overload myself with too many stories--but I sadly am overloaded. -_-, I dunno what I was thinking starting this many. But I will finish it. Trying to finish Distant Dreamer too. I do have a pecking order though, so here is what to expect. I am currently finishing up Still Alive. After that is done (I will not exceed 30 chapters), it is on to Truth Is. Truth Is, is tetering on the edge so it won't take much to finish it. And then onto Whole Other Country, which is no where near done and requires a lot of work. Distant Dreamer deserves my full attention so it will be the last one to be updated. And through all this mess I will be posting edited chapters of Provenance. I will not be doing a Phoebe and Pete story. I really want to do This Side of the Lakes, but I dunno. Should I?

UPDATED 2.03.13

I know there are a few asking simply, "What happened??? When will you update?" I honestly don't know. I'm still alive, though barely after this winter. I have lost most of my motivation. I had originally thought I would be back around Thanksgiving...you see how long ago that was??? O_o I am hoping sometime this month to get new chapters rolling, but like I said, motivation has been spotty at best. So I guess, consider all my stories on hiatus until I can get off my ass and write again. Hopefully it will not be for too much longer.

UPDATED 3.21.2013

SO... you may have noticed some activity on my stories. I am reuploading Verlangen with edits. I have deleted Whole other Country though--I feel that the story has gotten away from me, and i want to rewrite it. I am actually working on chapters for Still Alive and I have found a new resurgence in my motivation. I have even started dabbling in cover art lately--are my creativity senses tingling again???

UPDATED 3.27.2013

SOOOO...I have deleted Distant Dreamer as well. Working on getting new chapter up for Verlangen and Still Alive. _


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He left his mark on her, not because he wanted to, but because he couldn't control himself when he was around her. She was his; that was all there was to it, whether he actually liked her or not. Well, they always did say love was blind... FPSSA WINNER! Now available as an ebook on Amazon!
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I'm Karina, a normal girl from the heart of America. Normal, except that I am mated to a hateful, seven-foot-tall alien named Elden. Neither one of us is particularly happy with this arrangement, yet the survival of his race relies on a single experiment and my ability to bear his children. My destiny has turned out to be quite strange... Rated for lang/sexual content. Revised.
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Taking a step closer, his proximity inspired a pleasant tremble through my insides. I rooted myself in place, betraying every instinct not to flee. He could pluck every concept from my head-leave me empty and hollow. His knuckles grazed my collarbone, causing a shiver of eager anticipation. My body was screaming for him. I wanted to feel his mouth against mine. Werewolf Romance R&R
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Big Apple I: Truth is reviews
I needed to stay far away. "Mate…" The words sounded like a whisper, but I heard them clearly. He was standing in my face, staring down at me with his amber eyes. I had never seen lustful eyes before, at least lustful eyes directed at me.
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