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Hey everybody! We're a group of Daikari writers who got together to attempt to write a joint fic (God help us!). Listed Below:

Ben Myatt:

I'm a 17 year old Daikari obsessive, who likes to stab Takari supporters with sharp objects. dont make me come after you.

Likes: Daikari, gorillaz, Stereophonics, my guitar, Daikari, Travis, and Daikari.

Dislikes: Takari, s-club 7, and takari supporters who havent had sharp objects inserted into their heads.



A 17-year-old German girl who's obsessed with fanfiction writing and Daisuke. I'm not a native English speaker, so there may be a few mistakes in my stories.

Likes: Mangas, Animes, cakes, biking, swimming, skiing, reading, drawing, writing, her saxophone and dramatic fanfictions. Angst...I live for that!

Dislikes: People who bash characters without any reasons. Physic + French. People who have no own character, who follow just other people. Be UNIQUE!



a staunch Daisuke fangirl and who loves to read and write Daisuke centered fanfiction.

Likes: my fiance, anime DVDs, Jamiroquai, Daft Punk, and reading quality fanfiction. ^_~

Dislikes: Those people who bash Dais for no better reason except that he interferes with the 'perfect couple' .



Real name's Jordan, from Oregon USA, a near 16 year old web programmer who has never gotten where people think Takari came from. (I have never written a fanfic that doesn't center around Davis.)

Likes: Daikari, Davis in general, Digimon, anime in general, , web programming, my school, this one girl *blushes, and a true and good friend.

Dislikes: Mindless people who don't know why they believe what they believe, (also known as Takari supporters enmass). Big disagreements. Chocolate chip mint ice cream. The syntax for PHP (I am gonna go crazy trying to memorize all this!!).


~Avalon Merquise~

A 15-year-old American girl. Avalon is your average, everyday freak. An all-around otaku, anarchist, and pyromaniac, she is usually found watching anime, reading manga, lighting things on fire, or plotting world domination. She also loves acting, reading and writing fanfiction, singing, and dancing. She is a horrible romantic, and loves drama and angst, but also fluff.

Likes: fanfic, Digimon, romance, anime, manga, BISHOUNEN, Sliders, acting, punk rock, llamas, plastic forks, fire.

Dislikes: flamers and bashers, bugs, preps, authority figures in general, pop music, Prodigy Internet Service, and pop-up ads.


JakaneJakane a.k.a. Kyoko

I'm a 15 yr. old girl. I'm part American, German, and Japanese. ^_^ Obssessed with the Internet, hot bishos, and other things you don't need to know. You may be frightened. I've been told that I'm 'not quite right in the head'. Whatever. I actually have a carded liscense of insanity. ~_~;

Likes: Daikari duh, Daisuke, Hiei, other hot bishos, vamp fics, turn-a-round fics, fics in general, Anime period, pocky, sweets, manga for the most part, music, song fics that fit, things that can harm Takari people that are Daikari haters, etc.

Dislikes: Takari*shudder, Takeru, when my fave characters are bashed(That happens to Daisuke way -too- much.), did I mention that I -despise- Takeru?, Takeru's hat(if you can call it one), idiotic people/writers that flame a fic -just- because it's a Daikari or pro-Daisuke, etc.


Toxic Picnic

Real name's Andrew. I'm thirteen and probably the youngest of the Daikari Writer Union. I live... well I'm not really sure right now.

Likes: Daikari, KoRn, System of a Down, Davis, D&D, Lots of different animes, Good books, Taiora, Starcraft, writing, Command and Conquer(Red Alert too), Diablo II for the computer, Lords of magic, Lord of the rings. My chours class.
KaZaA, Hybrid Theroy, Seika of Digimon Art(S.O.D.A.).

Dislikes: Takari *spits, Sorato *doesn't spit but looks angry, Davis bashing (Down with the davis bashers!), Character bashing period, Crappy songs, crappy computer games, crappy books, Tom Clancy *spits twice and throws Hunt for the Red October across the room, Davis bashers, Takari, Sorato(did I mention those already, yeah I did!) Stupid people who flame.

(http://www.fanfiction.net/profile.php?userid=250038) Pen name: bodrj

Real Name: Ryan

Well, whilst I'm not new to the fanfiction world, I'm certainly new to Digimon fic writing. None-the-less I support Daikari all the way! Up with Daisuke!

Likes: My guitar, song-writing, Sailor Moon, Digimon, Gundam Wing (no not every anime available in the U.K) Vampire Princess Miyu etc. Sci-fi.

Dislikes: Anything ressembling pop music, mostly Britanny Spears and the likes but also Gorrilaz and Travis, the pop-rock turn coats. ( -) Thought'd you'd like that Ben!)