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17 is a wonderful number. It's a prime number (it can't be multiplied by anything else but 1 and 17).

Feel free to contact me VIA AOL or MSN... but I'm a little boring to talk too.

Don't contact me via my e-mail on the profile... it won't let me use my other e-mail. Contact

As of now, all of my new stories will be rated PG-13. This does not mean there will be PG-13 material in the stories. (Stories with R and NC-17 material will have additional warnings in the text)

Now that I sound like a _total_ bitch *grins*... here is some other news:

I'm starting to write some Harry/Draco slash. Hopefully, I'll get all the cannon stuff right.

Awake Awake will be put up in the Stargate SG-1 sections. Suck my ass, fanfiction. It has SG-1 stuff as well as loverly Fred/Jon slash.

Okay, that was fun. Go read someone else's profile now.