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Oooo, I just figured out how to write one of these... :) Hi, people! So, I'm Athena, and yes, that is my real name. Tolkien is my obsession; I own every book he ever wrote and have read all of them more than once (LotR 17 times, for the record.) Sam is my hero, I love him to death. Sean Astin is my ideal guy - too bad he's taken. All my fics so far are Sam-themed, but they've all gotten really good reviews! So if you read this, you might want to check out my fanfic contributions. That's a blatant hint. ^_^ I like slash - my favorite is probably The History of Us. My favorite friend is Quantum Weather Butterfly, who writes really good poetry that you should all go read and review. ^_^ *waves to Butterfly* God bless everyone, and especially Tolkienites. Ciao, my friends!