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*God is bigger than the air I breathe
The world we'll leave
God will save the day
And all will say
My Glorious*
~Delirious, My Glorious
*Dedicated to all victims of 9/11, which includes every American citizen.

My real name's Kelley, and I have blond hair and green eyes...and blah blah blah.

I can be weird at times...I have various mental disorders (YEAH! Any others out there?) and I completely LOVE IT because you have an excuse for acting insane...especially when I don't take medication...:cackles evilly as readers stare: Anyway. I promise, I'm not immature and I'm not young - I'm just weird.

Okay, I'm just letting you guys know right now: I will not be updating as much as I have been. I've just been so incredibly busy, with volleyball and school, and later in the year I have basketball and softball along with volunteer work, so my schedule is completely packed. I will try to update on weekends, and I'll probably get a chapter out every week or so. Anyway, what's with FF.net? Taking down NC-17s? People shouldn't complain about having those on the site! If you don't want to read it, then don't. The rating is right there, so if you don't like NC-17s, then DON'T READ THEM, simple as that.

Stories in progress:
Fulfilling Your Duty: A Snape/Harry bonding story (that means NO SLASH!) Completed..

A Muggle's Worst Nightmare - Humor, Vernon and Harry switching places.

Eine Ansichtssache: A Draco/Harry story. (slash)

Against All Odds: Sequel to Fulfilling Your Duty.

You Can't Be Serious!: Sirius/Snape/Baby Harry AU.

Pairings I don't like:
- Ron/Hermione (they just wouldn't last very long, in my opinion. Ron's too jealous and stubborn and insults her all the time. You know when best friends go out, and it doesn't work, and they end up hating each other in the end and their friendship's completely ruined? That's how I can see the outcome if they went out)

- Harry/Ginny (I totally cringe at this. It's awful. Ginny needs to find someone that's normal. It's not 'like' or 'love' anyway, she doesn't even know him. Go out with Colin, Ginny. Kidding. Plus, the 'guy falls in love with little sister' is very cliche. I know tons of fans say that they want Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny to get married so it'd be one big happy Weasley family. No. In most H/G fics, Ginny is suddenly amazingly beautiful and Harry wonders why he hasn't noticed her before. Can it get any worse than that?)

- Draco/Ginny (Where did this ship come from??)

- Hermione/Snape

Pairings I like:

- Harry/Hermione (I firmly believe that Hermione seems to like Harry. Just rereading the books makes it seem so obvious to me. It's obvious Ron likes Hermione, but I don't think she returns it.)

- Hermione/Neville (Weird...but I think they could be cute)

- Fred/Angelina

My favorite character is Harry, by far...I also like Draco Malfoy, I think he's got a lot of potential. I like Hermione, but I don't like that she was with Viktor Krum - she didn't like him at the beginning of the book at the World Cup, but all of a sudden he shows interest and she becomes a hypocrite. But I guess a guy showed interest, and being around Ron and Harry all the time don't help.

I also love Smallville (the best show...it gets quite addicting, let me tell you!) and I actually don't have a favorite pairing for that...either Clark/Chloe and Clark/Lana will do, although I'm probably more of a Clark/Lana. I don't like Chlex, dunno where that pairing came from...I like reading Smallville stories without pairings, though. I love the Clark/Lex relationship(not slash) and those are the best plotlines.

Anyway. Check out my stuff. I also recommend you to check out my favorite stories; they're awesome.