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I would like to apologize to everyone waiting for my next chapter to my fic's, especially who are waiting for Spell Master. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry. You see I don't have my own computer any more, (wahhhh!!!) and I have to use my sister's computer, who used to be addicted to the phone, and would allow me to use hers. But now she is just a addict to her arsehole boyfriend who won't allow me to use her computer.

Those two are always in her room together and he refuses to let me in to use the computer because he's a bastard.

Sheesh! It's not like I WANT to be around them!! Because trust me I don't!

And she won't let me take the computer into my room because that bastard wants to use it while he's there.

God, he makes me sick!!!

Anyway, I am still writing, but I can't write as fast anymore because my time is LIMITED on the computer. So its taking me FOREVER to finish this next chapter. I really am sorry but I haven't quit. I promise. I haven't quit.