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Greetings, my fellow earthlings! As you can see, I now have a website up to host my fanfiction, mostly my crossover stuff, of which there will be much. ^^ I just got a scanner, so I'm working on getting up my few measly doodles.

sniffles* Except for the epilogue, Will of the Ring is done, minna-chans! *wails* It was sooooooo much fun!!!!!!!!


Now, for the bio:

HAIR: Red-Gold blonde

EYES: Don't know...they keep changing color one me...

AGE: Like I'm gonna make THAT public knowledge? Hint: I'm under eighteen but older than thirteen.

D.O.B.: October 24th

SKIN: Dang, I'm as white as you can get!!!

HERITAGE: Once again, white as you can get; english, irish, sweedish, german, french...not a speck of indian or oriental blood in me, much to my neverending dismay...

HEIGHT: *sniff* THAT is classified. *stomps away on four inch heels that make me barely 5'5'')

WEIGHT: Nuh-uh. No way. Don't go there (No, I am NOT fat!)

PERSONALITY: You haven't figured that out yet? hmph. I'm insulted. *halo* j/k I am constantly on a sugar high, even when I haven't had sugar in weeks. I'm wacky, crazy, totally insane, and drop dead gorgeous! Not to mention modest. Tee-hee!

I love personality tests, trivia games, prizes, friends, reading, writing, swimming, anime, and REVIEWS!!!!!!!!!! *hint hint*

Next...(If you just want info on my fics, scroll to the bottom.)

~*~*~FAV SERIES~*~*~
Gundam Wing (anime, TV)
Merovingen Nights (book series)
Sailor Moon (so sue me; I'm a child at heart. anime, TV.)
Magic Knight Rayearth (anime, manga & tv)
Harry Potter (Draco fan all da way...sawry...)
Animorphs (MARCO RULES!!!!!!!! heh heh...)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy & Angel 4-Eva!)

~*~*~FAV MOVIES~*~*~
Lord of the Rings (*hugglez Eomer* MINE!!!!!)
The Matrix
The Mummy
The Mummy Returns
Signs (*shivers* Creeeeeeepy...)
Tuck Everlasting (Saw it for my birthday! Jessi...*drools* Love his hair!)

Buffy & Legolas (what can I say? They make a cute couple!)
Serena & Legolas
Arwen & Aragorn (*glares at Eowyn* Hands off, chica! Those two belong together!)
Serena & Darien
Hikaru & Lantis
Tobias & Rachel

~*~*~FAV AUTHORS~*~*~
Cozzy (my cousin that literally lives in a padded room!!!!!!!!(wall insulation in the basement, actually...))
Tuxedo Star (*hugglez Onii-chan*)
umi (*waves to muse*)

The rest got deleted, arg, I'll finish it up later...eventually... heh... ^^;;;

Hope Makes the Universe Shine,
Makura Koneko