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Author has written 2 stories for Manga.
I love anime and I mostly like any couples from anime. I'm only 13, but I LOVE writing mostly fantasy and adventure.
I also like humor very much and love writing it.
One of my favorite sayings is:
"In my perfect little world...the sky is silver, the grass is gold and you're nowhere in sight."

Interesting things that happened to me:
-Got stuck in an elevator because a little kid who was in the f is a sign of genius, answering back is a sign of insanityelevator with me pushed the 'lock door' button. I made such a big fuss about it until I noticed the 'open door' button. And when I got outside the elevator there was a huge crowd and a guy with a microphone.
-Tried to cross a low river which had very fast running water with VERY slippery rocks. Slipped, fell, was carried by the current against the rocks a couple of feet, until I had the sense to grab for one of them. And I never let go of my stuffed bunny through the whole thing.
-During a stormy night the wind was blowing TOO hard against my window, so I decided to take my stuffed seal and pillow and go to the living room. I lay down and a minute later I here a crashing sound in my room.

Here's come upcoming stories:

A story of mage and sages alike, and how a mage councils starts to slowly devour the world for its thirst for wealth and power. Revolts from mages and sages start to occur. This is the mages and sages story as each, one by one start to go against this council. On how they turn towards the humanity the council turned their backs on. This is their tales...

Akio, the Great Third Sage, finds a baby on her doorstep. Now the council demands that she makes a descision. Either help the baby, who is not one of them, and turn her back to the council's protection or kill the baby and be kept under the council's protection. I think her choice is pretty clear...

Aiko, Akio's daughter, was born a mage instead of a sage like her mother. She must deal with her terrible and miserable life trying to live up to her mother's expactations. But Yami, an old friend of her mom's, decides to mess with her mind and life to get back at her mother. What can a girl do?

An expert killer and criminal's next victims are the rich Tsukino family. He disguises himself as a nanny since they have three young children, and the old daughter isn't very responsible. His attempts to freak their daughter out fail when she seems indifferent to him altogether, as if she simply didn't care. Now the killer has gotten himself a problem with a mage, the Tsukino's very own daughter, Akuri.

Sakura's life is a living horror show. Her very own nanny is a monster thing that is out to kill her family for revenge. Her parents think she has gone insane when she hasn't. She knows what she sees is real, but she doesn't know what to do. At the same time, Rina, a mage has a dispute with mages' council and becomes an outcast because of her behavior. Rina, who is transformed into the baby of a cat for her behavior, swears with her own life not to let Sakura fall into any harm. How far would this mage go?

A princess kidnapped, saved by a heroic swordsman! But said hero isn't a man, but a lady. And not just any lady, a mage! The princess is to wed, and the mage decides to stick around. But the night of the wedding, while the two girls are talking at the seaport, they are kidnapped by pirates! How will the princess get home to her love? Would the mage stay until the end by the princess's side?

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