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Hi, I'm a 15-year-old girl and totally crazy for Harry Potter!!
I think the HP books are the best! My favourite characters are Harry Potter and Remus Lupin.

So far, I have uploaded two stories:

1.Harry Potter and the Unexpected Powers
This is a story about Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts and the summer after GoF.
The Dursleys abuse Harry and after two weeks someone comes to rescue him from 4 Privet Drive and takes him to Hogwarts.
There Harry will learn about new powers, the Order of the Phoenix and why Voldemort wants to kill him!
And who is the mysterious Rhianna Lupin?
This story will continue throughout the fifth year and will contain pranks, Quidditch, many shocks and surprises for everyone (especially Harry)and in the end the final battle between the light and the dark side of the magical war!

2.Unicorn Child
This story is an Alternate Universe. Harry didn't defeat Voldemort at the age of one, though his parents were killed in the attack.
Harry has to live with his horrible relatives, the Dursleys, for three years.
But Voldemort has not forgotten little Harry, and so, when Harry is just four years old, he attacks again. This time Harry defeats the Dark Lord, but the Dursleys die and Harry is left alone and scared and runs away into the nearby forest. There, he meets a group of unicorns who accept the little boy in their 'family'.
Will Harry ever learn to trust humans and return to them again? Or will the magical world search in vain for their little hero? Read and find out!

I hope that you like my stories!

Since I'm neither British nor American please excuse my English in case it's bad. ^_^