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(Ohayoo, Konbanwa, Konnichiwa,)[You pick the time of day! lol.] Guten Tag, Aloha, Mae Govenan, Greetings, 'Ello!

Alright, I'll stop figuring out how many ways I know how to say hello, and go on with things. I as you may or may not know, I am Ookami; also known as Elora to some, and yet others as Tels, a few more as Jay. (You are welcome to pick among the list for whatever pleases you.) I am Fifteen, coming up on sixteen in only a matter of two and a half months! :does happy jig.:

Serious as I can be, and mature as I am told, I am still very much a child. I hope and plead I shall forever remain young at heart. If you grow up and don't retain that youthful flare, my goodness you've lost something truely precious! You would then be very much, even if it is not your fault in all probabily, a Baka!

I find great pleasure in hanging with my, few and dear, friends. Discussing music, and literiture, Roleplaying (I'm very choosing over what kinds however.), Reading most every sort of thing, listening to music, singing different peices, and writing.

Writing is the door through which I share a mere shadowing of my imagination, and wealth of escape venues; into the world of fiction for others. Those who may need the breather, or for those merely very fond of perusing through someone else's creative corridors, to further their own imaginations, or to simply enjoy a few moments repast.

My worlds tend to be based in the fantasy world to the largest extent. However I am at the moment pursuing the idea, and acting upon it to write a more sci-fi, futuristic story. I have not decided with this work will pass my scrutny for actual posting, that shall be seen as things slowly but surely progress.

In another of my stories, one which I am often found referring to as my 'Pet project', It is based around my own version of Shadow Elves, and the life and trials of one imparticuliar. I intend to write three such, may turn to only be two such, stories in that world. One of my best friends and fellow Fanfiction, and Fictionpress writer: JaguarKitty2006, Ele, and I are working on a crossover, or rather sequal between our two "pet" original worlds' stories.

Journey Through the Shadows: currently being worked on, will have the first installment posted hopefully soon.

Secret of the Depths: Currently on hold. I simply cannot get my head into it at the moment, so if I were to work on the next chapter I fear greatly I would destroy it utterly beyond help.

Chronicles of Lorien: On hold, I have no clue when, or if it shall be continued. I'll have to think on it, after purusing the previous chapters thoroughly, whether it is keepable or not.

After the Twilight: It is on hold till I have the time to work through what has been written, edit and start over from where I messed up. Fortunately the mistakes were made on parts beyond what is posted. For the time I'm too busy with other things to figure it out.

Making the Dawn: Currently in the workings, nothing yet writen beyond character ideas.

Spirit Journey: This is one of the two Shadow Elven tales. The story is taking form in my mind, if absently, at the moment. I hope to begin work on it before school starts.

Crossover Sequal (Yet to actually be named.): While a lot is written, that which is, is not yet edited and made consistent. You will most likely not see any of this until "Journey through the Shadows", and "A Double Edged Sword" (My friend's story.) Are completed and up. I may force you to wait till "Spirit Journey" is complete as well. Depends on how I feel it comes along when the time draws near.

Current interests of language: Japanese, I'm trying to learn it but it is difficult when left to your own vices for aid.

Current Anime Interests:
Gungam Wing
Outlaw Star
Mononoke Hime
Spirited Away
Rurouni Kenshin
(Not in that order.)

For now I must go, I'll work on the bio another time if I feel the need.

Ja ne!

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