Kawaii BlueBear
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Kawaii improved her bio yet again, yay!!!

[Name]Kawaii BlueBear
[AKA]Kawaii, K.B. Bear, Weirdo, Semicolon Worshipper, The Girl With No Life
[Color]Black (She dosen't care if it's really a shade!)
[Location]In the clouds...
[Looking At]The clouds
[One Word]Weird

[Card Captor Sakura]Syaoran
[DN Angel]Dark
[Dragonball Z]Trunks
[Gundam Wing]Treize
[Harry Potter]Draco
[Lord of the Rings]Aragorn
[Sailor Moon]Rini
[Star Wars]Obi-Wan
[The Simpsons]Lisa
[Weiz Kreuz]Omi

[Random Questions]
[Vanilla or Chocolate?]Chocolate
[Pepsi or Coca-Cola?]Pepsi, but if it was between Pepsi and Vanilla Coke, then Vanilla Coke
[Black or White?]Black
[Silver or Gold?]Silver
[Clouds or Waves?] Clouds
[Sun or Moon?] Moon
[Day or Night?]Night
[Cat or Dog?]Neither; Chinchilla! ///_^
[Rain or Snow?]Snow
[Book or Movie?]Book
[Left or Right Brain Dominant?]Whole, leaning slightly to the Left
[Online or Outside?]Online
[Comma Conjunction or Semicolon?]SEMICOLON!!!! (Sorry, it's a private joke between my friends and I)