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FanFiction.Net has got some serious problems. What in God's name possessed them to remove all "NC-17" stories? What about all the hard working authors? All our work for nothing? I don't fucking think so! We have dedicated a lot of our time to these stories, and the FF.Net staff just pops up one day, saying "Oh, we're removing them cause of young, innocent readers" and blah, fucking blah! There is a pop-up that comes up on the screan, and if people want to read the story, then they'll click "OK" if not, then they can click "Cancle" Yeah, it's that simple.

I REALLY DON'T AGREE WITH YOU, FF.NET! Not at ALL! Your losing many, many readers because of this, and I seriously think you need to RE-THINK your decision. It's cold to just remove all these authors' hard work, just because of somethng that is really stupid.