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8/4/08 - August already? It seems like just yesterday when I said I haven't been writing much of anything lately, and that really hasn't changed. I'm going to get back to work on Debabouchou sometime very soon, and hopefully have a new short story up, just to get myself back into the swing of things. I just recently posted the first part of a prologue for a story I started working on a long time ago, and hope to get back to very soon. It's simply titled Human, and hopefully with it I can attract more than just a couple of reviews. Not that I have anything against them, but still, I'd like some more people to tell me that my story sucks. Geez!

But seriously, I plan on focusing on that story for a while. I don't know how long it'll be, or if any of the ideas I even have in mind will go into it, but I hope by the end of it all, everything will make sense! Well, enjoy the short little teaser for what I hope to be a way for me to get back into writing. Also, sometime in the near future, I'm going to work on re-writing The Four Warriors and restarting The Falcon. Plus, maybe getting back to re-writing an even older story I worked on called The Agency! Yes, I like starting titles with the word "the". SUE ME!

That's all there is to say!

About my story, Human: There is a story there, yes, but it's my most creative one yet. After I finish writing something, I also tend to write down my thoughts about it. About the characters, if they were real, about how they would actually feel in these situations I put them in. This is a story about the human mind, about what people think about. People's thoughts are just endless rants; they go on and on about this or that, never truly getting to the point. And while if you tried to read someone's mind, I doubt you'd be able to make sense of anything.

For all I know, when I'm all said and done, it may just be one giant rant. That's all! But I'm trying something I've never really tried before, taking those notes I write about these characters and their worlds and making them a bit more coherent. Not completely coherent, but somewhat, enough to hopefully make the reader interested enough to continue to the next section. As I said, there is a story here, but it's not as important as the characters. Without them, the story is meaningless. There will be a conclusion to this, but it may or may not be satisfying, depending on who is reading. It may only leave it open, it may only make you think more about how you think, and how everyone else around you thinks. Either that, or it'll just be another story.

Each character has his or her own "thought moments". A chapter (or two) focused solely on what they are thinking as these events play out. The prologue helps the reader understand this. Again, you may just consider it a rant, but I have fun writing it. I've always had the most fun writing thoughts and dialogue! It always grabs my attention the way characters in different stories interact, as does it the way people in real life interact. This is going to (hopefully) be my best story yet, I know I'm going to enjoy writing it, let's hope, if anybody reads it, you enjoy it as well.

This little section here is like a rant. I feel like I should share my notes with you though, this is what I wrote after I finished the prologue and started organizing my ideas a bit more. Let's hope this ambitious (at least for me) project turns out decently!

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