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Name: Rita
Hair Color:Brown
Eyes Color:Hazel
Height: 1.60m - 1.65m(I don t really know but it s between this numbers) Hey People! I just love anime and i decided to put my imagination to work.I am new on this and I have some stories that I begun to write and I have to check grammar and all that stuff. English is my 3ed language so don t expect perfect grammar. Couples that I suport:

Normal ones:
YGO: Serenity+Seto
YGO: Mai+ Jounouchi
Digimon: Tai+ Sora
YGO:Seto+Tea(YES I hate paring her with yugi or yami)
RE code Veronica: Steve+Claire(i just luv that couple and if u hate that coule don t flame me it s not my fault u hate that)
RE: Chris+Jill
ReCv: Alexia+Wesker( I m evil, mouahahahahaha)

Yaoi ones:
YGO:Yami+Yugi (kawai!!)
YGO: Bakura+Ryou
YGO: Seto + Jounouchi( Joey)
Beyblade: Kai+ Rei

My fovorite characters:
RE: Steve Burnside, Claire Redfieled, Albert Wesker , Alexia Ashford.
YGO: Yami, Yugi , Ryou, Bakura.
Digimon: Ruki , Ryo , Davis. Reenamon and her digivolution, sakuyamon, Impmon ,Monodramon, Cyberdramon, Veemon.
Pokemon:Ash, Misty. Umbreon, Ampharos , Cyndaquil , Houndoom , Pigeot, Charmander...
Bayblade: Kai and Rey!!!*KAWAII!*
Escaflowne: Van
DBZ:Goten ,Trunks(both),Gohan ,Gotenks and Pan. My friends:
Claire Burnside267 Rita: K I think thats all! Date: 23-10-02
Actual stories:

Love and revenge after death: 8th chapter in ready in a week or lil more. I m presently consacrating my time on my other story.

Resident Evil Code: Panther : Chapter 5 is up I m curently writing chapter 6. ^-^. You should read it there characters from original RE too!

I m sorry for not updating but withy the school, work and a giant author block I don't have the time. I'll try to write something soon...sorry.

Within a cat's skin!: Oh it s my new story!Please read it if i tell you the summary it will be all spoiled. Oh yeah thanks to Marie B a.k.a Claire Burnside267 for helping with the title. ^-^

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