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Yay! I'm finally *15*! So, happy birthday to me! (it was August 17th) Anyway, I kno y'all wana see this SO much *cough* so, here are my stats *I dun lie...pfft:

Name: Justine Victoria Marina Somethingorother
Age: 15! and feeling older everyday -_-
Height: 5'6"+½ O_O
Weight: 108lb *i'm FAT!*
Eye Color: Blue *pretty...^_^*
Hair Color: Blonde *Answers all stupid questions*
Likes: Pretty much all animes, sugar, sugar, sugar, people who aren't idiots *Some scare me...X_X*
Dislikes: Idiots, people who annoy me, almost any forms of school, work, onions, mushrooms, and other various foods
Best Friends: PrincessSaphire *good ol' Sarah, Leanne, Leanne, Rachel, Britteny, Jen, Becky, Steph, Glarie *bad with real names X_X* and many other various people that i'm too lazy to put up that can be put up by request


Welll, I dunno if Saphire'll let me put *blank* cuz she might kill me so, the first part is on order, the rest, i'm just lazy to even think of numbering:

1:Yami Malik *never saw that comming eh?*
2:Yami *ooo...can't get him outta my head ^_^*
3:Malik *bishi ishi :p*
4:Trunks *on almost every bishi list ^_^*
5:Yami Bakura *Dun ask...O_O*
6:Kaworu Nagisa *even worse...O_O*
7:Kai from beyblades *O_O*
8:Seto Kaiba *Dun ask why he's so low, even I dunno*
9:Heero Yuy *Very low too...odd*
10:Ryou Bakura *O_O*

Myloko: Yeah...that was a wierd list. I should re-do that sometime cuz it seems kinda, wierd. But, i'm wierd to being with :P Anyway, feel free to contact me through aim or msn or email or whatever and, don't be an idiot, I already gotta deal with enough.
Y. Malik: You're forgetting something...
Myloko: Yeah, thanks. If you wana send me any of your poems for the odd gallery, feel free to send them to me! Ja ne minna-san ^_~ And, Yami Malik is SO kawaii...But I dunno why :P