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Foreword & Introduction

Because this story is a collaborative piece, us authors decided that there should be some sort of foreword to introduce ourselves, and because we are working under a combined name, we decided now would be a good time to place in some plugs for our various other pieces of work.

But we'll get to that in a minute. First, an insight to our approach to this fic. Each of us decided to take one of the main characters: either Harry or Draco; and we are writing our chapters separately, each with a lap-over and some completely original writing for either character. It starts with Draco here in the Prologue, then continues with Harry in Chapter 1, Draco Chapter 2 and so forth. So, if you find that you're waiting on chapters, the best idea is to write to the person who's lined up to write next: and abuse them in particular.

silverphoenix (Natasha) is writing for Harry, and having never written a Harry/Draco fic before, this is new territory for her, but it's proving to be quite interesting. And since she can't have Harry and Hermione together, she's having to settle for them being best friends and Hermione having someone else instead, which is proving a challenge as well. Unfortunately for her, it's not George either, so 'Shadows' is pretty much a blank canvas.

Her work on 'Shadows' doesn't mean she's neglecting her other fics or ships, though. she's currently working on:
Happily Ever After? (H/Hr) -
Chocolate & Pumpkin Ice Cream (Ge/Hr) -

All of her fics are archived at (you can find her profile here:, and she's beginning to archive them at The Astronomy Tower at (her profile is here: http:///fictionalleypark/forums/member.php?s=88813b8f455930215fb357e9bcb8c88d&action=getinfo&userid=3478).

She goes by silverphoenix on a lot of sites, so be sure to watch out for her. If you're really desperate to contact her, you're welcome to email her or even send her an AIM at Capricornearth.

[email protected] - Send Natasha an email.

poetic licence (Amy) is writing for Draco, as she has on many other occasions, and she always knows when she's on to a good thing. This is not her first Harry/Draco fic; she often waves the SS Guns & Handcuffs banner regularly - http:/// - in fact, it's even on her screen-saver. If you get sick of the descriptive, poetic style, she is most definitely the one to blame: she only does it because she can (and just to irritate her best friend).

She is currently writing:
A More Familiar Stranger (
The Monochrome Series (

She is the mastermind of the Dead Poets Society a group writing an entire Harry/Draco fic entirely in poetry.
She is one half of the 'Rabid Slasher Tag Duo' - the other half being the insatiable zed (, as well as writing some completely meaningless fluff with Angie, that both are hoping to expand on and develop very soon.
She is involved with Nocturne Alley (http:///community/nocturne_alley/) - and loves every single second of it.
She also beta's for Anais, QofW - Cliches, Kissing & Killing(http:///authorLinks/Anais_QofW/Cliches_Kisses_And_Killing/) and Onyx Blackbird - Flight of the Phoenix. All in all, she's a very busy girl.

She's archived at:
FictionAlley: Schnoogle - http:///authorLinks/Poetic_Licence
FictionAlley: Astronomy Tower - http:///authorLinks/Poetic_Licence/
Pure Magnetism - http://
Forbidden Archive - http://
Potter Slash Archive - http:///psa/
She's always under the name of poetic licence, but for her most up-to-date fics, then check first.

[email protected] - Send Amy an email.

Please R&R - your feedback would be terrific.

- Amy & Natasha