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Hi, first of all, i'm crazy - i must be to have watched Lord Of The Rings nine times hehe! Anyway here are my stats.

Name: Stick (don't ask!)
Hair: funny sort of goldy browny colour
Height: 5ft10 (Nearly Elf height!!!)

Fav things:

Colour - blue/purple(can't decide)
Film - can you guess?!?!
Band - Queen (again...don't ask)
Artist - Eminem
Actor - for looks, Orlando Bloom/Elijah Wood(kinda different from each other huh, and both in one film woo hoo!), for talent, Tom Hanks
Actress - Julia Roberts
Food - Chilli every time!
Place - the Highlands of Scotland
TV show - the Osbournes
Musical - Whistle Down The Wind

Likes: Reading, Singing, History, writing, art of all forms, snow, mountains, Orlando Bloom *drools, good night in with a movie and loadsa hot chocolate with marshmallows in! rock music, Elves (male ones with tight leggings preferably), anything to do with LOTR(book, film etc), The Hobbit, hands for some strange and psycotic reason, and the list could go on forever.

Dislikes: prejudice, hot days, skirts, boys at my school(ugly morons), bad movies, people who wear so much makeup they could drown in it, feet(eewww!), anyone who lacks sense of humour and an imagination.

Hobbies: Archery, writing, singing and drawing.

Dream - To become a best selling author like J K Rowling and never have to work again!!!

Favorite saying: Holy testicle tuesday!!!

I also have 4 mates who are authors on this site, Nich, Emz, Loz and Roxy, i do recommend their stories (works of genius!)

Hope you like my fics!

Luv Stick

(p.s, i changed my pen name coz i got bored with stick and i thought Dragon Keeper was pretty cool...or is that just me? :p)

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