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I am actually 25 years old and am married with 2 children. I created this pen name as a cover up for who I actually was for the content of the fics I was writing. It started out innocently but turned into an obsession. I neglected my family and now we're all suffering from it. I never once mentioned them to anyone and I think if I had been on the receiving end like them that I'd be crushed. Writing fics is fun and a great learning method but I never should have posed as someone I wasn't. I think too that I totally went overboard with Lord of the Rings. I would always be thinking up a new story or a new chapter and totally dismiss MY life. I love to write and I hope to continue to do so only with my own characters from my own mind and not someone else's. I do apologize for those of you who were looking forward to the continuation of any of my stories, but I want nothing more to do with this and I need to focus all of my attention on the things that matter most to me and that would be my husband and children. I thank everyone who left encouraging reviews and I'll encourage anyone else who is concentrating all their time on their fics to take a step back and take notice to REAL life. Writing is a beautiful thing, especially when you can let your imagination soar, but the people in your life are even more precious than that - do not leave them behind or forgotten; include them and you'll soar your highest.