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I guess I'll actually write in this thing!

All I'll say is I write because I love it. It's a hobby that brings me more joy than many things combined.

If you read, please review. It really means a lot to me and encourages me to write more. I am very unsure of my writing. Any positive encouragement helps to let me know it's not the crap I think it is.

Hmmmmm...Want some story layouts?

I only have HP ff posted here. I write what suits my mood. I write mainly H/Hr, with an occasional D/Hr when I need a twist. I love H/Hr the most! BUT, I can say without a doubt that I detest R/Hr! It is the most vile creation ever in ships.

Camp Muggle: H/H Completed! Possibly a sequel. =)

Exchanged: D/Hr On a short break, more to come soon.

The-Mother-Who-Lived: Chapter three added! More soon since my first fic is finally completed.

Quidditch and the Ever After: H/H Typing up chapter two now, it's completely hand written. Promise it out by Super Bowl Sunday! if not sooner..