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Hi all! This little blank spot was annoying me so I figured I'd fill it.

Well, I Love to write for Star Wars. Sadly, and disturbingly (is that a word? Lol, I don't think so) enough I usually like to read/write stuff where poor Obi gets into trouble or is in a down mental state. That's just sad, and I don't understand why I do but I do. Am I alone?! *Sobs* Funny thing is that Obi-Wan is like my favorite character of all time.

In my story One Mistake, Qui-Gon's kinda should I put this...Jerk? Dumbass? Fool? Idiot? *could go on, won't for your sake* But he's one of my favorite characters too. LOL! Poor, poor Obi and Qui...I'd hate to be them in the universe I write. lol

Hope you like my stories!

--Forever Faithful--