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1/28/2003 I'm looking for a BETA-READER!! So, if there is anyone, please, please e-mail me or drop a note in a review.

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here I am, Nathaly.

I'm a DBZ fan and obsessed with Vegeta and Kakay.

I have a very nice elder sister. I like her very much, there is just one little problem. She likes it to seduce me doing stupid things that I cannot stop once I have started them. You know, like reading fanfictions. And it isn't the first time. I can remember me doing things like watching soaps on TV every day (but these times are over, thank kami).

My first FF ever A turning-point in his life is dedicated to her.

Anyway, it isn't my fault. There are some FFs out there on FFnet that are really good. It would be a sin not reading them.

I just would appreciate it when a day would have more than 24 hours. It would make things much more easier, don't you think so?