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Hello, I’m Amber Mikage! This is my Bio and all those who are disturbed may flame me, but be warned, we might flame you back for your inconsiderate ways that lack dignity and pride, also it will prove you’re a close-minded-prejudice-S.O.B who can’t accept reality. ^^ Well, proceed if you dare!

This bio is true, nothing in here is a lie, because my role model, Kuroi Shi, taught me that living in denial and pretending to be someone you’re not over the fear of people’s reaction’s is stupid. I believe this whole-heartedly. Anyway…here we go!!!

Name: Amber Mikage
Age: 14
School: Sullivan High in Missouri
Grade: 9

A little bit about myself.

A year or so ago, I met Miss Kuroi Shi. Before I did, my life was a living hell! I was going to a catholic school and I am used to public schools. I wasn’t prepared to go to church the majority of the week! Not only was I not prepared for the class changes, I was also not prepared for the barbaric prejudiceness that these people held within themselves and hid under the layers of kindness. Although they hid this, I had an extensive knowledge of snobs, priss, and mean people, so vibes were starting to hit me and I didn’t like it. They didn’t care about what I felt, just that their sick games were watched and as well as my pained expressions. I would go to the bathroom, crying and hiding my pain. They knew that I was bisexual because I had told someone that I thought I trusted! Instead, she had told someone else and it went around like it was the talk of the town, of course the girl the person I thought I trusted had told was the school gossip so, it went around FAST. I didn’t expect so many people to be so grossed out about such a small thing.

They kept tormenting and so my pain kept increasing until one day, after I had told all of my internet friends of my really bad situation, they started going online and teasing me until I snapped and had invited her to MSN so my friends could make fun of her. She then threatened to call the cops AND I had a friend who was a lawyer. She wanted to play rough, I could play rough, and when he contacted their house, she backed off for good. She got scared. I finished the last day of school with a smile on my face instead of tears and I think that in highschool she should get her shit together or else those girls there will EAT HER ALIVE. Which I hope will happen to the bitch, but then again, everyone shouldn’t hate her for her lack of self-confidence and stupidity…I take it back…
Anyway, now that I’ve met Kuroi, she’s changed my life and helped me build my self-confidence. I’m no longer afraid to tell people of who I really am. In highschool I’m going to make a great effort to be valedictorian and to show people that I’ve changed. I’m no longer a victim to their verbal foul play, they’re becoming their own victims. Kuroi is a lucky person and so is Adah-sama for finding each other ^^ I wish the two of them luck in their life and I have yet to think of what to do, but get some steady grades, a job, a car, and maybe a real friend or two. Who knows…maybe even a girlfriend or a boyfriend?


This is where I list all my favorite stuffs and why!


Ah! My Goddess!

Why: I love Belldandy because she’s kind and caring, I like Skuld cuz she’s super-extra smart and knows a lot about math. (I wish I did too -_-) and uhm Urd, their oldest sister, really just scares me by her uhm femme I think it is?

Angel Sanctuary

Why: Even though it’s incest (which really doesn’t bother me at all!!!) I love the character design and the story, mainly because I was half on a sugar high and my cousin Riley, who I was staying with in California for the summer, was watching it with me and we cried when Sara died.

Ayashi no Ceres

Why: I love Aya, Aki, and Touya! They’re beautiful! I also love the background story about the celestial maiden who was “raped” and forced to have children by the man named Mikage. (See where I got my pretty name? ^^())

Boys Be

Why: Chiharu and what’s his name are a cute couple and I like the way they did the background and stuff, it’s kinda like 3D, not like most animes. I think it’s kinda new? I dunno, I just liked it when I saw it because of the opening sequence ^^

Card Captor Sakura aka CCS

Why: Sakura and Li are so kawaii, so are Maddison and Mei-ling! I love Touya and Yukito…*drools* you’d think they were together or something *winks* anyway, I love the storyline, the KAWAII love uhm triangles. Some people find it kinda strange, but YES! It HINTS in the MANGA that Touya and Yuki are together and that Li Syoaran had a CRUSH on Yukito! It also hints that Maddison has a crush on Sakura. ^^()

El Hazard

Why: I don’t really remember why I like this, but it had magical stuff in it and a really cute girl who could use this one type of ring…. water ring, I think…anyway, they were transported to another dimension where this one guy falls in love with her…and I don’t know anything after that, I just love the characters and the ending theme ^^

Gate Keepers

Why: OMG! I cannot begin why I love this Anime! First off, Ukiya Syun/Shun is the main guy character who hates his dad and is really hardheaded. He’s a really cute character anyway, the series is about an organization named AEGIS, which defends against these uhm aliens. Shun and his gang opens a gate that gives them powers to defeat these aliens. Anyway, it involves a few love triangles, I love it because of the characters, the story, and mostly because of Ruriko/Rurippe ^^()

Gensomaden Saiyuki

Why: The hot guys on there, the depressing stories, and mostly because of that little demon that has so much energy ^^

Golden Boy

Why: The main character is a funny guy who likes women! He is often seen hugging and talking to a toilet during his daydreams. ^^

Gundam Wing

Why: The hottest boys in the whole anime world…*drools* So many great fanfictions, the hottest seiyuu’s voices, their cool attitudes, and most of all. They’re BISHOUNENS! I also like the plot of a war for peace and the colonies co-existing with Earth. The makers should be proud of their beautiful creations. I sure as hell would!

Kodomo no Omacha aka Kodocha

Why: This is a story about a girl, named Sana, who is cheerful and perky. She tries to change the demon-boy, Hayama, of her class after learning that being annoying and mean was just a facade to hide his inner pain. It’s kind of a confusing drama that’s REALLY good. I advise people to pick up Miho Obana’s manga called Kodocha: Sana’s Stage.

Love Hina

Why: It’s a love drama about a guy who is fulfilling a promise of 15 years ago. He was five when he made a promise to a childhood sweetheart to get into a university that is almost impossible to get into! He is trying to find her in that University. Along the way, he meets Narusagawa Naru, a girl who also made a promise to get in, but she still failed. You should get it and watch it, it’s really funny and heart warming!

Macross Plus

Why: The music by Yoko Kanno is amazing! I love Miss Sharon Apple, who sang the songs and I like Myung and uhh…that guy she likes. Myung sings the songs, while Sharon, who is a computer-generated replica of Myung, lip-syncs to the music and her voice. It’s really good, it made me start on this Yoko Kanno song search, which I have a little. ^^()

Magic Knight Rayearth

Why: I like Hikaru! She’s okay, and I like Fuu and Umi too, I like Hikaru’s boyfriend. The creator did a good job of making the anime and I love how the character design is. ^^ Not only that, I love the opening theme too!

Marmalade Boy

Why: It’s HILARIOUS! I love Miki’s mom and dad AND Yuu’s too! Not only that, Yuu is a total HUNK! So is Ginta. This anime/manga is a more or less in the romantic category. I really love it, actually since it has so many cute and wonderful characters.


Why: They say opposites attract, and it’s true in this manga because Kira is a quiet, man-hater, while Rei is a gigolo! They meet when Rei asks her for directions to get to the hospital, not even noticing that she was a classmate of his! In the first book, jealousy has overpowered Harumi, one of Rei’s MANY admirers and uhh…an old bedmate, she got jealous because Kira was suddenly all Rei could think about. Harumi threatens Kira and Rei falls in love and yeah. It’s a really good book and I DEFINATLY RECOMMEND IT!

Now and Then, Here and There

Why: This is a sad, depressing anime. It’s like a HUGE civil war in another dimension where a girl who holds the key to water, which is VERY necessary since there is barely anymore, escapes and is captured, only to bring along someone who was beaten tortured and really hurt to get her to safety. It’s a VERY DEPRESSING anime. I cried through most of it because it was so sad. It’s good, but just have a box of Kleenex next to ya just in case okay?

Pilot Candidate

Why: I just realized that there was a Heero look-alike in there and it had really beautiful special effects! I don’t like that one catgirl though…she freaks me out…she’s all about hitting and ugh. I don’t like hitting bishounen…*smirk* often.

Ronin Warriors

Why: They have the second cutest group of bishounen. I don’t remember the story, but one of them was sorta like Trowa since he had his hair flipped out and it covered one of his eyes. His color was also green, just like that uni-banged pilot’s eyes.

Sailor Moon

Why: This was the VERY FIRST ANIME that I had ever set my eyes on! I had gotten into Sailor Moon when I was about 9 or 10 I think. I love the story, but it’s kinda corny, even though there is some yaoi in it in the Japanese version. Zoicite and Malachite, I think. I dunno about the Japanese one about Mamoru/Darien and Fiore.

Sakura Wars

Why: I like little Airisu! I like Sakura and Maria and Koran! I dun remember that one girl’s name that was a snob to Sakura at first, but she’s really pretty. I kinda like that cute captain of theirs though. ^^ It has a good story and I love the opening theme song ^^

Sentimental Graffiti

Why: Because I love all the characters, such beautiful drawings! I wanted to get like the game and all, but I didn’t have enough money so, I spend it on Gundam Wing stuff ^^() Anyway, I love Manami the most because she’s really kawaii and pretty and she’s the image of Mitami, one of my muses!

Serial Experiments: Lain

Why: Oooh! I love this anime because it really gets into computers and lotsa new themes of technology! I like Lain because she’s shy and has a cool haircut. I own the first 5 eppies and I love them! I plan on collecting the rest, but for now, I’m working on getting the new manga stuff!

Shadow Skill

Why: I love Gau and uhm Elle’s Brother and the cool hot warriors! They’re TOTALLY BISHOUNEN AND I like the fighting too. There was this one episode where Gau thought someone was going to kill this girl in pink and it was funny because they were all love letters. I just laughed my arse off after that pink girl was hinting to Gau that she liked him. Anyway, I liked this because it was really cool, the opening theme is good too!

Sister Princess

Why: Because they have the most kawaii girls in there! I love the one who is like all mysterious, I don’t know much about this anime, I wish I could see it though…anyway, check it out and the opening theme totally hooked me.

Slam Dunk

Why: Two men, Lukawa Kaede and Hanamichi Sakuragi, are competing against each other to be the perfect man out on the basketball court! They don’t really like each other at all! It’s really funny though, so many kawaii chibi’s appear and it’s just a hilarious, yet beautiful and serious anime. I enjoyed it in the Philippines a lot! I love Haruka-san though…she’s really pretty. I love the ending theme, it has a nice beat to it.

Space Battleship Yamamoto Yoko

Why: My 4 favorite girls who kick butt in space battleships! Yoko is the perfect one! I love her hair and battle outfit! Momiji is hot! I mean I love her long hair and how she shows her middle with that bandage-like shirt on. I like Ayano because she’s got that innocent look to her and uhh…Madoka is scary because she’s got a BIG SHINY forehead…_() and it blinds people…anyway, it’s good because of the animation and the story of how close the four girls become! I love the opening theme! It’s a hit with my sister so she loves it too!

Strange Dawn

Why: This is a controversy. My sister likes the chibi people, I like the two teens who got stuck there. I like this anime because of the ending and opening theme. I also like the story, but I hated the little people. She found them cute and lovable. I can’t believe that taking off your shoes marks you off as if you had no clothes at all! Anyway, watch it, it’s good ^^

To Heart

Why: I love Multi and Remmy! They are so cute and hyper! I love this story because it just has that strange air off innocence in it. I got attracted to the anime by the pictures and I saw a few clips. I love the girl with the psychic powers. She’s really beautiful and the total bishounen she’s got a crush on makes her have good eyes ^^

Vision of Escaflowne

Why: I love Van! He has a sexy voice in Japanese AND in English! He has Trowa’s voice seiyuu in English! I love Allen to because he’s got a sexy voice in Japanese and in English. I love the animation, the story…but I don’t really like Hitomi because she’s kinda…ugly. No offense to the Hitomi-lovers, but I like her eyes, just not her body build and her hair. Anyway, it’s a good story, I cried when she left though. I love the songs Yubiwa and Sora from the movie! They are so good! I also fell in love with the TV series-opening theme (Yakusoku wa Iranai) a few years ago.

Wedding Peach DX

Why: Wedding Dresses! Hot Bishounen! Sailor Moon-like transformations! Better and cooler looking weapons and more beautiful girl characters! I love Wedding Peach DX! I love the opening theme, I love the story and I love the characters! It’s really a good story, the story writer did really good research when they were writing this story ^^

Weiss Kruez

Why: Like Gundam Wing, this story mainly stays around an organization and four assassins who are undercover as florists! They are cute and one of them is a woman-chaser, which I laughed at when I read it. There is also the silent I-want-only-money guy and there’s the innocent one. Then there’s the last one who likes kids and sports, soccer mainly, but he gets to what he needs to do pronto. I love them ALL. Mostly the woman-chaser ^^()

You’re Under Arrest

Why: This anime is very hard to say why I love it so much. I’ll just tell you what I know. The most beautiful girl in Bokuto Station is a guy! His name is Aoi Futaba! S/He’s REALLY pretty and fooled a lot of men. Then there’s Yoriko, Aoi’s partner. She’s got glasses, a bit hesitant, and the station gossiper! She’s really caring though. Then there’s Natsumi Tsujimoto, who fell in love with the chief of the station at first, but ended up falling in love with ANOTHER Heero Yuy look-alike! She has inhuman or should I say unwoman-like strength! She lifted a car away from a phone boot to get a young girl out! ^^Then last but DEFINATLY NOT LEAST, is Miyuki Kobayakawa! She has a crush on Nakajima Ken, who isn’t really cute, but there is something between them! She is an expert mechanic! Their assignments are really funny and cool! I recommend this, definitely!


Final Fantasy VII

Why: It has a really good story, really good characters, two of them total bishounens *drool* and a really beautiful Ancient named Aerith Gainsborough! The love triangle is trivial, the sad death of Aerith, the beautiful ending, it all made me cry! I recommend this game.

Final Fantasy VIII

Why: Squall, Seifer, Irvine, and Edea. How can you resist them!? I love Squall because he’s a total hunk and he is like Heero, a hermit! He has two left feet…or at first he did until he looked into her eyes and went into dance to perfection mode! I like the story, but…it was too romantic. I think it’s really good though!

Final Fantasy X

Why: The beautiful characters! The cool movie scene in the beginning and the cool music! Tidus’s looks, Rikku’s hot body, Lulu’s sexiness! Honestly, I love this game. It’s got a GREAT story and great attacks! I love Seymour too…^^()


This part of my bio is about my dislikes!

I do not like homophobes.


They are people with their minds closed and people who want to be gay, les, or bi shouldn’t be forced to change, no matter what ANYONE says! Why can’t people just leave other people’s private business alone, and if they happen to overhear a rumor or something as such, they should keep their traps shut. It isn’t nice to gang up on someone who won’t change for you.

I do not like prejudice people.


They are people who like to proselytize other people into what they believe is right, and proselytizing someone is lame and is totally showing the person doing it really stupid and bias. Not only that, it shows how weak their individualism is!

I do not like people who are blind to the facts!

You don’t need a why answer for this. You should know why! It’s like someone just reading a textbook and jumbling up all the facts! Or Making stuff up as they read! That’s how people who are blind to facts act and think.

-Need a break! Gimme an hour or so!-