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Hello! Welcome to my page - here's a little about me.

Gender: Female

Religion: I'm a Christian, and my faith is the most important thing to me in my entire life. It influences everything I do, including my writing, and I'm not ashamed of this. If my stories contain anything good at all, I consider it merely a reflection of the greatest story ever told, which is being written by the greatest author ever - God.

Age: 18 (Officially an adult at last!)

Home: The west of Scotland. Best country in the world, heart disease and all! Oh Flower O' Scotland... please excuse me as I launch into the national anthem

Hair Colour: Blonde - but my green eyes make me a genetic freak with brains, apparently.

Status: Left school now, doing a BA in Digital Art at university. Huzzah for the life of a student!

Personality: INFJ (Check it out at: http:///INFJ.html ) - Most rare personality type in whole population - go me!

Family: Still living with my parents, and am a middle child with two brothers (the eldest of which helps me out a lot with story ideas and acts as my beta reader).

Pets: I have a pet cat named Jev, whom I adopted when he showed up at my door as a stray in the early summer of 2004. You can see him in my profile picture and yes, he does wear the superhero outfit. All the time.

Musical Instruments: I'm learning bass guitar, and I play in the church worship band on Sundays.

Favourite Band: David Crowder Band / Relient K / Switchfoot / Newsboys

Favourite Author: Robin Hobb - her characterisation is the most intense and incredible I've ever read, and it was her books that inspired me to work so hard in my own writing. She made me realise how close a writer can bring readers to their characters, and I want to achieve that level of closeness within my own work.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, and helping out at my church. I'm a young leader at their youth club, and have helped with several summer camps and the like.

Dislikes: Bad grammar, Lack of proof reading, Arrogance, People who are obnoxious, Over-use of swearing, Crudeness

Favourite Catchphrase: "That's ace!" (See my email)

My Goal In Writing: To create a realistic world with real people that readers will grow close to.

Random Fact About Me: Zombies are my favourite undead monster.

My main project on here is The Tempest Team, a superhero story I've been working on for the past few years. It's my baby, my first proper original story, and hopefully I will be able to continue it fairly long-term. If I were to pick anything I've written for you to read, I would choose this. Feedback on it makes my week. Seriously.

As for other author's work, I highly recommend anyone in my favourites list, in particular:



Lord Skoonie


They're all ace!

I think it's only common courtesy to review those who review me. If someone leaves me a nice helpful review I'll do my best to read over their work and leave a constructive review for them. (So, um, if you're looking for an incentive to take a gander at my work - there it is=D )



19/05/06: Currently doing a giant overhaul of The Tempest Team Issue 1, as, on readin back over it, I was horrified at how immature, cliched and contrived the writing is. If you're thinking of reading it for the first time, please take into account I started it two years ago and it was my first adventure into original fiction, so it's not nearly as good as some of my later stuff. I shall hopefully have the new and far less childish version up soon. Watch this space!

You want action?

You want danger?

You want excitement?

(All with a hint of lemon!)

(Not that kind of lemon! I have a 9+ rating!)

Then join the adventures of The Tempest Team, superhero protectors of Opidan City!

If travellers from other dimensions, mermaids, aliens and governemnt conspiracies are what you crave, then read on!

(Much gratitude and rice pudding to my favourite big brother for deciding that I need a better summary for my story, and providing me with the above masterpiece. Not only that, he's also one heck of a beta reader. Cheers, bro!)

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