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It's not so much the show.

It's much too hard for non-Pokemon people to get it. We all know Ash is gonna win the badge, and we all know that good will prevail in the end. But that's not the point.
Will Ash and Misty say anything meaningful this episode to one another? Will Jessie and James hug or hold hands? You just never know. Sunday after glorious Sunday (or Saturday, depending on where you are) we faithful Pokemon shippers gather around the TV in hopes of seeing something...well...shippy. It is just so hard for them to understand.
"That show is so lame!" they say.
"You like that show? How?!"
There's not use explaining it to the ignorant ones. Just read the fics.

I have gotten literally everyone I know to support eldershipping! BWAHAHAHA!!

About the author ^.^
I'm usually hyper. I scare people with my insanity. Other times, I scare people because I'm all, whee, I love angst, and I'm all silent and mysterious. I'm odd.
But yes, I've been destined to write, and here it is.
I love my pet potato! Its name is Fred, la la la la la!!! It's sprouting! wheee!!! best subject is english. Probobly because I'm an author. It would make sense. English and art. Cuz I'm an artist, too. And a French horn player. angst is fun. Yes, I like depressing stories. They're fun. But I also like sappy fluff, and commedy, (did i spell that right?) and everything. Except mysteries. I hate mysteries. Don't take it personally. But I always get pissed off because the detectives are smarter than me.

Oh yes, I'm beginning a new story. Two, actually. Wounded in My eyes, an angsty kinda fic. And then Between Time, a more lighthearted one about Misty and Ash's daughter who got sent back in time. So keep up the reviews! ^-^

Stories you NEED to read:
Delia's Reminiscence *me*
Search for the tyrant itar! *my brother fangorhoom, hillarious fic
The Abused *Mione Potter 14, my best friend, a great angsty fic ^_^*

You'll see

x~Aurora chan

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Just a poem I wrote one day while feeling nostalgic....
Poetry: General - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 56 - Reviews: 4 - Published: 8/10/2002