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Danski News Flash! I now have a online journal! go check it out!

Hi there, I'm Danski. I'm a 16yr old anime addict living in Australia. I'm short, literally blonde and do not plan on writing for a living, as I probably wouldn't make enough to buy a can of tuna.

I'm usually found seated in front of the computer, or at my dance studio, which is my second home.

People I can not live without, would have to be Moony, my partner in Aparecium & Riddikulus, INC. which is our upcoming fanfiction site where we'll store most things we post here. I'll put the link here as soon as we finish the technics!
Also my best friend Laita...^_^

What Ships does Danski sail on?
Harry Potter - Harry Potter/Hermione Granger. I am a strong Harry Hermione believer and will NOT be moved. While I do suspect Ron/Hermione has a good chance of becoming reality, I do not see them together. They just don't match well. Sure everyone sees the arguing between them as love/hate, I see it as a plain personality clash.

Also, regarding Harry, are you sick of the people trying to ban Harry Potter books? saying that Harry is the devil? my friend Katie and I discussed this. E-mail me; [email protected] for a copy if you're interested!

Card Captor Sakura - Li Shaoran/Kinnomoto Sakura.
In my opinion, these guys are the cutest couple ever.

Dragonball Z - Son Gohan/Satan Videl.

Love Hina - Urashima Keitaro/Narusegawa Naru. It took them a long time, but they finally got together, didn't they? ^.^

Enough about me, What am I doing at the moment?

A Friend Indeed - Harry Potter
Harry Potter and Hermione Granger are not on speaking terms - or any other terms for that matter! Ron Weasley is tired of being in the middle and decides that something has to give. It's either Harry apologises, Hermione apologises or Ron throws himself off a cliff. (A/N Not a bad idea...^.^)
Why aren't they speaking and who will shelve their pride and apologise first?

Danski -Okay the first chapter posted. I have begun the second chapter, expect it to be up in the next week or so.

Canis Lupis: The Hogwarts Archives - Harry Potter
Joint Fiction with Kaz Valkyrie
The thoughts and stories behind Sirius Black and Remus Lupin's school days at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Danski - Three chapters have been written! however this fanfiction will be exclusive to Aparecium & Riddikulus, INC. so Apparate yourselves there once it is officially open to read!

Nursing of the Heart - Card Captor Sakura
While on a ski-trip with the school, Kinnomoto Sakura and Daidouji Tomoyo find themselves snowed in with a pair of sick boys...

Danski - Well, what are we up to the sixth chapter already? damn. Where does the time go? Anyhow, I believe it is Rachie's turn to write the chapter...We've decided to put it on Hiatus for awhile, Rachie needs a break. ^.^

Fictions I have put on Hiatus

Drawn - Card Captor Sakura
I am...I feel... Drawn... To you. -Syaoran's undeniable feelings toward Sakura-

Lost - Seasons - Card Captor Sakura
Seasons; Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer. Syaoran has been hurt -- badly. Now he is lost, and Sakura needs to help him find his way home.

Regarding What the Heck does Syao Mean?, A sequel is in the making. keep your eyes out for What the Heck does Syao Mean? - The Aftermath.

A quick shoutout to two of my favourite people;
Rachie "Angel-Hiragizawa32" Hart
Laita "Latisha" Nozaic

*phew* I think I've put enough here.

Hugs to all;
Danski "Padfoot" Danni.