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I like games, but only the ones I like. Those are Oddworld, Grand Theft Auto 3, Pokemon Crystal, and Harvest Moon. I like Pilot wings too, and most of the first Nintendo games. You know the beep noise when Link's about to die in Zelda? It's about the same in ALL the games.

I also like Lenore, and everythin created by Jhonen Vasquez. My bedroom is in the attic. It is very hot up there. Very, very hot. Soooooo hot.

I also like Good and Plenty, which I am eating write now. I like to watch people who disserve it suffer, but when they don't (Like Finnbarr Galedeep in The Bellmaker, and that American General guy in Reign of Fire) it annoys me. EVen though I do it a lot myself.

I don't get much sleep cause I often get sick at nidnight and my black siamese mix howls like a deranged wolf all night.

I've recreated about 5 families from JV's works in The Sims. (Tess/Dillion, Zim/Gir Squee/Mom/Dad Nny and some others.) Since I started writing this, I've eaten half 17 grams of Good and Plenties. I have a bad headach.

Some shows I like : Invader Zim, Pete and Pete, Rocko's modern Life(They show that and Ren & Stempy on that other Nick channel, I forget what its called. It's not Noggin, it the other one...)Simpsons, America's Funniest Home Videos, and Angela Anaconda, Martin the Warrior.
Sniz and Fondue.

Some movies I like: Reign of Fire, the Redwall Movie, Harry Potter, Ice Age, Rubin and Ed, Drop Dead Fred.

Some comics I like: Lenore, aanything by JV, Simspons, Family Circus, Far Side, Not Wild, Just crazy(ferret comic!!! Yeah!!)

Animals: Cats, Ferrets, Wolverines, and anything with sharp teeth, lol.

My favorite characters: Zim (Invader Zim) Nny (Johnny the Homicidal Maniac) Blaggut(Bellmaker) Truman Josiah Cuttlefish Clogg (Martin The Warrior)
Go to Hell Herman (Drop Dead Fred) Sirious Black (Harry Potter) and Mr. Bigglesworth (Austin Powers) In case you didn't notice I tend to like the evil guys more than the good ones.

Food I like: Cool Whip, Good and plenty, Ramen noodles, peanuts, Pretzal, Speghetios, and granola bars.

Stuf I like to watch happen: Fireworks backfire. Preps fighting. Ferrets. People on fire. Especially when the 1st and last are combinaed. heeheehee.

Preps. Smokers. Sloths. Ugly little ponies( ponies, not colts) comercials during IZ. Nick. Any name starting with a G. Yellow. Clicktricks(Evil little bugs) Katydids(Evil little bugs.) When my dog eats the guts of the mice my cat kills. FFZ (Ferret Free Zones) Alergies. People who hate IZ. Christians who think their religion is the only way(Fortunatly, I have yet to meat one who bothered me more than once.) Peopel who wear too much makeup. People who take my stuff. Dreams that are really cool then you wake up.(I had a dream there was a JtHM movie, and that my dogs came back. (They got loose and ran away.)) Dreams that could have been really cool nightmares until some idiot wakes you up. Stupid teachers. Stupid kids. Stupidity period. Dud fireworks. When cats get revenge. How I almost always have to do my brother's chores. My stupid cusin who can't even talk right. He calls a ball a peeapill. poeple who misgrade my papers. (I got a C where I should have gotten an A - my teacher even said so.) Kids who don't know how to shut up. How I can't do that squinty thingie.