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Get to know me a lil better...

MIDDLE NAME: Why do you care? *raises eyebrow*
LAST NAME: Felton! (Haha, I wish! TOM FELTON IS HOTT!!! ^_^;;)
NICKNAMES: Whit, Pippi, Skitz, Psycho (by Chaz), Cap’n Redhead, 'U', 16, Kiwi Whitney (DW...), hat girl with the tie... o_O;; some other stuff.
GENDER: Female
ADDRESS: Cardboard box on the shore of the ocean in Kansas (I rent some space from Angel13 and Fiery... lol)
AGE: Old enough to know how dangerous it is to be telling you guyss all this...
HEIGHT: 5’2”
HAIR COLOR: Reddish Brownish color (Um… its kinda in between… hmm… mahogany-ish?)
HAIR STYLE: In a ponytail… with unruly curls -_-
HAIR LENGTH: Short… long… shoulder length
EYE COLOR: green
FRECKLES: yes... -_- on my nose
SHOE SIZE: 6½ or 7
COLOR: Black, blue, red
TV SHOW: Um... tie between Inuyasha, Digimon, and Cowboy Bebop
CD: The one my friend Ashley burnt me that has the Barbie Girl song in Japanese! ;D
MOVIE: Harry Potter (One or two, TOM FELTON IS HOTT!) or LOTR (One or two, ORLANDO BLOOM IS HOTT TOO!)
BOOK: Um... Harry Potter... I guess
SONG: Barbie Girl in Japanese... or maybe The Real Slim Shady, unedited version ;)
MUSIC: Rap (If that’s what you consider Eminem) and Anime themes 0.o

My Top 5 Fav Animes:
1: Digimon
2: Cowboy Bebop/ Inuyasha (A draw/Tie, whatever you wanna call it)
3: YuYu Hakusho
4: Zoids
5: Yu-Gi-Oh
Fav Couples:
Digimon- Ryo and Rika (Ryuki), Takato and Jeri (Jerato), Kazu and Alice (don't ask! they just seem to fit together! Um... Kazice? XD), Davis and Kari (Dakari) -or- T.k. and Kari (Takari.) No favs for Season 1.
Cowboy Bebop- Faye and Spike, they are so cute together!

Top Five Couples of All:
1: RYUKI!!! (Dur...)
2: Kagoma and... MIYOGA!!! J/P! Kagome and Inuyasha!
3: Spike and Faye
4: Alice and Kazu (Kazice?)
5: Jerato

Okay, I think you just about know enough about me to write a biography, so now I'm going to list my stories, which I have either put up here or am in the process of doing so, and give you a brief summary and status of each (They're all Ryuki's... betcha didn't that coming... -_-):

LCA (Love Conquers All, bakas...): Infliktion- The one that started it all... ;) Cute, romantic, angsty, just about everything! Part 1 of the LCA trilogy. *Up, unfinished*

Corporate Bandwagon- Nice little ficcie that starts when Rika is taken to a pool party at her mom's boss's house... and ends elsewhere ;) Okay, so its not really 'little', cuz its not a one shot thing, couple chapters. And as for the 'elsewhere' part, I don't mean -that-, so get your head out of the gutter! *Not up, not finished... obviously*

Midnight Rose- 'Ruki's (Yes, 'Ruki', I'm using the Japanese names for this one! :D) secret job is starting to be more than she bargained for, both at work and out.' I can't really tell you much about this, cuz it would ruin it, but I like the title!

The Fic that's driving me Nuts because I Don't Know What To Call It!- AS you see, no title yet. I've got a whole list of titles, but I don't much like any of them... To breifly sum this story up is 'Do the crime, pay the time.' Wait... that's not how it goes... Argh! There was a little saying, bu I forget the correct words... -_- Oh, well, it still makes sense.

Just some quotes... ~_^

“Mr. Fleissner, you know what’s not fair? Eric got to say jackass in class!” –Me…of course.

“I’m gifted, I’m just not wrapped yet…” –Kristen, or wherever she got it from

“That is not my scarecrow.” –The cat lady (Jeepers Creepers)

“It’s like… some psycho version of the Sistine Chapel!” –Darry (See above ^)

“Sorry, I am only attracted to machines.” –The AIM ‘bot, after I asked him to marry me. XD

“Never eat fat people!” –Ashley… o_O;; One of her… ‘weird’ moments

“Um, remind me again, how did we get into the gifted class?” –Caroline. And neither of us could answer that… XD

“Do I have to keep you on a leash?” –Ashley, to me.

“Um… why does your package say Kevin on it when your first name is Brent?” –Me, to Mr. Fleissner

“Holy sugar houses in Technicolor!” Me… duh ~_^

“If you told a whole bunch of lies, till your nose was so big that it came all the way to my house, then I could get on it and then you could start telling the truth and then it would shrink back to your house and then I would come with it. That’s the Pinocchio Project.” –Ashley XD We’ll have to try that sometime!

“Yeah, the square radius of point A is multiplied by five to get two…” Nick… Mrs. Partilla yelled at us because we weren’t having a ‘math conversation’ so Nick said that. XD It was kinda a ‘You had to be there’ type thing, I guess

Alright, might as well introduce you to mah muses!

Simon: The VERY FIRST and ORIGINAL muse, for me, I mean. He was created at some restaurant when my six year old cousin Valerie who was sitting in the empty chair beside me, and I told her it was my invisible friend, Simon. Now he’s sort of a joke between me and my friends. He supposedly went with me to the Snowball Dance at my school… XD

Snowbell: She’s Simon’s pet donkey… ‘nuff said

Baka: My Glow-In-The-Dark sheep that you put on your ceiling! XD I always name sheep Baka, it means idiot, and for some reason that just fits sheep. Don’t get me wrong, sheep are koolio!

Matt the Pillow: XD This is a joke between me, Kaitlyn, and Ashley… I think. Long story.

Rin: She’s just… this girl I thought of, she’s in my original story… but she’s really weird when she’s a muse. Yeah.

Levy4Eva and Pancakes! too,
Whitney and the muses she doens't fell like typing.

Shout Outs!!*
Akino Ame (The Master-ress, which, by the way, I don't think is a word, of SongFics!): My loyal fan! lol. Good girl! XD

Fiery-chan: You're back! God, we missed you! Hope you stay forever!

Angel13: You like my stories! w00t! Um... yeah. MISTLETOE ROCKZ!!! lol! ("Will you stop it with the mistletoe!?" XD)

Everyone else: HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, and Shaun, who's never going to read this: I LOVE YA! Haha, betcha couldn't guess that! But I do, so,... yeah

Saving Grace reviews
Grace is what seems like you're average sixteen year-old-girl, but her seemingly shining prescence hides her dark home life and problems.
Fiction: General - Rated: T - English - Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 527 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 8/10/2003